5 Ways Messenger Bots Can Increase Sales

messenger bots increase sales

Your business needs to increase sales. But no matter how hard you work or which marketing tactics you employ, the numbers just aren’t going in the direction they should. Does this sound familiar? 

Sometimes it can feel like a losing battle as you work to make more sales. Other times, however, you just need the right weapon, and then making sales is a breeze.

Messenger bots can be just the thing to help streamline your sales tactics, and thousands of marketers are already using them to help reach consumers. Here are five ways Messenger bots can increase sales and help your business grow once you use them in your marketing strategy.

Improving Brand Awareness

Chat Marketing can help you improve brand awareness and, in turn, capture leads. Use your bot to talk with people who might not be familiar with your company, but have similar interests with your brand. Offer these new prospects a lead magnet, such as an ebook, in exchange for their email address. Once you have someone’s email address, you’re able to reach them through multiple channels, sending targeted emails in addition to contacting them on social media. This gives you more chances to convert them into a customer and improve your sales at the same time.

Providing Customer Service

About 90 percent of Americans consider customer service when they decide whether or not to do business with a company. It’s essential for your own customer service to be top-notch, and this is where chatbots can help.

Chat Marketing is a valuable customer service tool that is often overlooked. Using a Messenger bot can save time and answer common questions that come through to your customer service team. In fact, up to 80 percent of everyday customer service questions can be answered by a bot. And while humans might make errors, chatbots are consistent in the information they provide. Using Chat Marketing to provide customer service can help you establish a reputation for great customer service, which will encourage customers to stick around. 

Driving Website Traffic 

Get more hits on your website by using your chatbot to give people a link to your website homepage, latest blog post, or a product page. After all, your website is where the money changes hands, so that’s where you want your customers and leads to eventually go.

As you craft message sequences to get more website traffic, aim for being more subtle than salesy. For instance, if you’re getting to know a new lead, you might ask a question about their interests (“Do you want to learn about digital marketing?”). When they answer, send them a link to a piece of relevant website content (“We blog about digital marketing every Tuesday — check out our latest post here”). Once they open the blog post, they should find a CTA for your product on your site.

Encouraging Repeat Sales

Messenger bots not only help make first-time sales, but they can also encourage repeat sales, too. Ask previous customers about their satisfaction with the purchase they made. Was the process simple? Would they recommend your product to a friend? Then guide them toward other products they might enjoy. 

Another method to encourage repeat sales is to send your customers a discount coupon on their birthday or for Customer Appreciation Day (April 18th). It’s always helpful to remind customers that you value their business and to remind them what a great experience they had purchasing from you the first time.

Offering An Immediate Response

Because of our fast-action consumer environment, customers don’t have a lot of patience these days. According to scientists, you have eight seconds to get someone’s attention and make the sale. In today’s media-saturated world, people are used to getting the information they need right away, and if they have to wait, they might take their business somewhere else. Think about it: Would you rather be on hold with a customer service representative for a long few minutes (cue the elevator music) or receive an immediate text-style response answering your question? Phone calls and even emails take time, so Chat Marketing is a way to offer immediate results to your customers, and that’s a way to get them to stick around.

Improve Sales Through Chat Marketing

By using Messenger bots, you can work smarter and take advantage of the many ways a bot can help improve sales. If you’re worried about Facebook chatbot pricing, don’t be—ManyChat’s Messenger bots run on a tiered system, tailored to your exact needs. Customer service, 24/7 availability, and encouraging repeat sales are just a few of the benefits Messenger bots offer that can help your business see more growth!

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