How The Dream Workshop Increased Leads by 2X with Visual JSON Ads and Reels

dream workshop case study

The Dream Workshop is the leading mattress retailer in Costa Rica. The company, run by Álvaro Jirón, has used Facebook and Instagram for two and a half years to find new customers and engage with existing ones. As messaging became more popular, The Dream Workshop shifted towards Messenger ad campaigns to streamline communication and increase lead volume. The mattress retailer wanted to automate the follow-up process from its Instagram ads but couldn’t do it through Facebook’s Ad Manager. 

The Dream Workshop partnered with Trilce Jirón Garro, founder of TBS Marketing, to run a visual JSON ad and Reels campaign paired with workflows from Instagram Automation by ManyChat that would solve their follow-up challenge. Their combined efforts generated 2X leads on Instagram and a 50% conversion rate on incoming messages while minimizing acquisition costs by 30% between November 2021 and December 2021.


  • 2X increase in leads
  • 2X increase in conversations started (vs. non-JSON ads)
  • 30% lift in closed deals 


The Dream Workshop has been successful using Instagram ads to reach its target audience on the platform but was struggling with lead qualification. When Trilce ran traditional click-to-Messenger campaigns, she couldn’t create automated follow-ups in the native Facebook Ads Manager. She needed to find a way to connect with potential leads and quickly and efficiently route them to salespeople. 


The Dream Workshop wanted to increase leads from Instagram while using automation to streamline lead qualification. 


Trilce leveraged visual JSON ads to connect The Dream Workshops viewers to the brand’s Instagram Messenger experience. Here’s a breakdown of her strategy:

  • Highly targeted audiences: Trilce used Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities to show ads to relevant audiences. This campaign targeted a 4% lookalike audience of previous buyers from the last six months.
  • Visual JSON ads: The team created a captivating ad that sent people who clicked on it to Instagram Messenger. Trilce also leveraged ManyChat’s Keyword Automation feature to send people who engaged with the ads into an automated conversation inside the chat app. 
  • Engaging Reels: The Dream Workshop launched a Reels campaign simultaneously with the visual JSON ads. The goal was to provide entertaining content for new visitors that would delight and intrigue them. 
  • sales CRM: All leads that came in through Instagram Messenger were routed to the retailer’s sales CRM through Sales reps reported a 30% higher close rate than before the campaign.

How The Dream Workshop Increased Leads by 2X Using Instagram Automation by ManyChat

To achieve its goal of increasing Instagram leads (and ultimately, sales), the Dream Workshop and TBS Marketing created a chat-based ad campaign. 

The campaign began with a series of Instagram JSON ads and Reels featuring 11 different videos. The Dream Workshop used a “Send Message” call-to-action (CTA) to drive traffic into Instagram Messenger.

JSON ads

When clicked, the CTA button presented the viewer with three options:

  1. Do you want a 100 Night Sleep Trial?
  2. What discounts do you have?
  3. Where are you located?
message set up

The conversation would continue based on the user’s input. For example, if they chose option one, “Do you really offer a 100 Night Sleep Trial,” they would receive the following message: 

ManyChat Flow

The Dream Workshop also launched an Instagram Reels campaign to complement the JSON ads. The Reels featured funny clips of team members, Álvaro himself, and other contributors. They were designed to entertain viewers and make them laugh, which Trilce says led to more conversations in the bot. 

We had people come into Instagram Messenger and say ‘Can I buy the bed that dances?’ based on one Reel published. Our sales team had a lot of laughs in Live Chat that day.”

Trilce Jirón Garro

Trilce and the team designed each automated conversation to collect information from users. People would supply their phone numbers via Messenger, which would be sent to the sales CRM in The Messenger Automation was tremendously successful, with the sales team reporting a 30% in deals closed.


The Dream Workshop’s campaign, which ran from DATE1 to DATE 3, proved to be a success. Instagram Automation helped them attract leads and close sales, which led to:

  • 2X increase in leads
  • 2X increase in conversations started (vs. non JSON ads)
  • 30% lift in closed deals

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