7 Ways to Use ManyChat’s Zapier Integration (Templates Included)

Zapier Integration

Workflow automation has become the natural order of business, particularly for eCommerce brands who need to do a lot with a little. 

Zapier is giving marketers more ways than ever to quickly and inexpensively automate tasks. As a busy store owner or marketer, learning to navigate Zapier’s thousands of integration options can be a time-consuming endeavor. 

Now, spending time searching for the right tools is a thing of the past. To help alleviate your search for the right tools, check out the top seven Zapier integration use cases for ManyChat that are based on popularity. 

Use these apps to set up an automated Chat Marketing funnel that segments and targets customers throughout their relationship with your business. 

What is Zapier integration for ManyChat?

Zapier is the easiest way to connect your ManyChat account with thousands of top-tier web services across all use-cases—without writing a single line of code. 

From getting webinar sign-ups to replicating subscriber lists in your CRM or capturing customers as new subscribers, you’ll find a vast amount of pre-built workflow templates — aka ‘Zaps’ —  for a variety of use cases. You can also create custom Zaps in the platform.

The benefits of using Zapier integration with ManyChat are:

  1. Save time and cut down on errors associated with manual tasks.
  2. Turn your email, social media, and other marketing tools into one cohesive suite.
  3. Use automation to keep prospects engaged while you focus on more important work.

Curious what apps Zapier works with? Whether you want to connect to Gmail, Drip, Slack, Google Sheets, Acuity, Hubspot, or 1000+ other apps, you can use Zapier to start saving time with marketing automation, or try out these popular Zaps to get started. 

How does Zapier work?

If you’re new to Zapier (or need a quick refresher) think of Zapier as the silent connector of all your marketing tools. It’s an automation tool that connects two or more apps so you can automate repetitive tasks without building an integration. It’s notoriously easy enough that anyone can create workflows, or ‘Zaps”, in minutes. 

Key points:

  1. Zaps are workflows that connect your apps and make them work together.
  2. Zaps start with a trigger, or an event in one of your apps like ManyChat to start your workflow.
  3. Zaps automate tasks in the background, you set them up once and they run on their own. 

Zapier account terms

If you’re going to start using Zapier with your ManyChat account, you want to get familiar with some key terms:

  • Trigger: an event that starts the Zap. 
  • Action: an event that completes the Zap.
  • Task: a piece of data you run through your Zap. For example, if you add 50 subscribers to your Mailchimp account automatically, your Zap just performed 50 tasks.  
  • Search: the event that allows you to look up for a subscriber in your Audience list by ID, Name or Custom User Field and send them a message / content or perform any other Action.

How a Zap works

A simple two-step Zap can take five minutes to set up:

Step 1: Authenticate ManyChat and the app you want to connect. 

Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger to start the automation.

Step 3: Choosing a resulting action from the other app.

Step 4: Choose the data you want to send from one app to the other.

Step 5: Turn the Zap on.

For each of these cases below, you’ll find a template to walk you through creating the Zap so you can reap the benefits of marketing automation.

How do you integrate Zapier with ManyChat?

Here are seven top uses (templates included) you can use today with your ManyChat account:

1. Add ManyChat subscriber to MailChimp

This Zapier integration lets you add every ManyChat subscriber with a new or updated Customer User Field as a subscriber to your MailChimp account automatically. You can connect ManyChat to improve your email list and follow up with new subscribers via email.

ManyChat and Mailchimp Zapier Integration

Want to connect MailChimp and ManyChat? Get the free Zap template.

Other popular ways to connect Mailchimp and ManyChat are:

2. Create Infusionsoft contacts from new ManyChat subscribers

Want to keep your Infusionsoft contact lists updated? This Zap template enables you to add ManyChat subscribers to your contacts list. 

Zapier integration for ManyChat and Infusionsoft

Ask your subscriber for their email address, phone number or any other information you need in a ManyChat conversation and save the reply in a Customer User Field. Zapier will then automatically transfer your subscribers and their information to your contacts in Infusionsoft.

Use Infusionsoft and want to give it a shot? Get set up now.

Other popular ways to connect Infusionsoft and ManyChat are:

3. Send emails with Gmail to ManyChat subscribers

This Zapier Integration lets you send an email with a pre-made template to ManyChat subscribers via Gmail. When a subscriber enters their email address and it’s saved to Custom User Field, Zapier automatically sends them an email via Gmail.

Gmail and ManyChat integration through Zapier

Want to connect Gmail and ManyChat? Get the free Zap template.

Other popular ways to connect Gmail and ManyChat:

4. Add ManyChat subscriber to ConvertKit forms

This integration lets you add a ManyChat subscriber to your ConvertKit form to send automated emails. You can get a subscribers email in a ManyChat conversation, save it to a Customer User Field, then Zapier will send the subscribers information to ConvertKit automatically. 

ConvertKit integration with ManyChat through Zapier tutorial

Want to connect Gmail and ManyChat? Get the free Zap template.

5. Get a Slack notification for new ManyChat subscribers

With this Zapier integration, you can get a direct message in Slack whenever you get a new subscriber in your ManyChat account. If you always have Slack open and want to get into a Live Chat with new subscribers, use this integration. 

Want to connect Slack and ManyChat? Get the free Zap template.

Other popular ways to connect Slack and ManyChat:

6. Add ManyChat subscriber to ActiveCampaign

Use this Zapier integration to add a subscriber from your ManyChat bot to a Contact List in ActiveCampaign. Once you get an email address in your Messenger conversation and save it to a Customer User Field, Zapier will automatically create or update a subscriber in your ActiveCampaign account.

Zapier integrations: ManyChat and ActiveCampaign

Want to connect ActiveCampaign and ManyChat? Get the free Zap template.

Other popular ways to connect ActiveCampaign and ManyChat:

7. Register ManyChat subscribers to GoToWebinar events

Want to increase webinar attendance and get more sign-ups? Use this Zapier integration to turn ManyChat subscribers into registrants for your GoToWebinar event. Once you collect a subscribers email, Zapier will send the data to your GoToWebinar account to register them automatically. 

Want to connect GoToWebinar and ManyChat? Get the free Zap template.

Using Zapier integrations to grow your business

If you want to automate tedious tasks and build out your workflow, the Zapier platform and ManyChat are your go-to. With these seven use cases (and thousands more), you can refine your marketing processes, connect with customers across multiple channels, and increase revenue and efficiency in your business.

Want to use Zapier with your ManyChat account?
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