It’s Here! ManyChat Partners With WhatsApp


San Francisco, Calif., October 7th, 2020 — ManyChat, the number one customer conversation platform, announced its partnership with WhatsApp to help businesses automate, personalize, and scale their customer conversations. 

WhatsApp has chosen to partner with ManyChat on account of its proven track record of enabling peer-to-business communications at scale, globally. Almost 2 million businesses across 190 countries use ManyChat, which powers 8.5 million active conversations per day on Messenger by Facebook. ManyChat is well poised to handle WhatsApp’s massive scale and reach in 180 countries.

Using ManyChat will make it easy for brands to reach WhatsApp’s 2 billion users while automating campaigns to drive sales, answer common questions, or quickly escalate customers to live chat agents.

“We’re excited to partner with WhatsApp. ManyChat is leading the way in helping businesses create meaningful relationships with their customers, and we’re just thrilled to offer our customers the ability to grow their business and customer relationships with WhatsApp,” says Dorian Quispe, CMO of ManyChat.

Both ManyChat and WhatsApp aim to help businesses create meaningful relationships with their customers that result in personalized and comfortable conversations. The ManyChat platform has proven to drive vibrant peer-to-business dialogue: almost half of the recipients of a ManyChat-powered Facebook message respond in less than an hour, 90% of recipients respond within a day and the average conversation lasts 10 minutes.

In the eCommerce space, ManyChat has helped businesses generate incremental sales, especially in recovering abandoned carts. Brands using ManyChat recover an average of $154 per cart. As WhatsApp expands its capabilities, ManyChat is excited to continue to help retailers grow.

ManyChat customers can also manage both Messenger and WhatsApp customer conversation channels from one central platform, leading to increased operational efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and sales.

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About ManyChat

ManyChat is a global chatbot automation platform that combines the power of Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email to help almost 2 million businesses across 190 countries engage and support billions of their customers in real-time and at scale. ManyChat was founded in 2015 and is based in San Francisco with venture funding from Bessemer Venture Partners. Learn more at or follow the company on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or Twitter.

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Fara Rosenzweig
Head of Content, ManyChat

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