Amy Porterfield’s 3 Powerful Instagram Strategies

Looking for smart ways to leverage Instagram sales? Online marketing powerhouse Amy Porterfield has the foolproof strategies you need.

Each of these effective Instagram strategies is powered by automation, using Manychat Instagram DM Marketing, so you can “set and forget” it – whether it’s a course, book reveal, or a launch offer.


Amy Porterfield is a New York Times bestselling author of Two Weeks Notice and host of the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast.

Amy’s journey from corporate “yes-girl” to an 8-figure business mogul is inspirational. She now has:

  • An 8-figure business
  • A community of over 50,000 eager students
  • A podcast with 49 million downloads, and 
  • A 32-hour workweek

Amy, who has around 400,000 followers on Instagram, wanted to serve her audience on the platform without adding more to her – or her team’s – to-do lists, or sending her followers to endless “links in bio” for her separate courses and offers.

So, working with School of Bots, Amy was able to launch 19 chat funnels using Manychat in the past 10 months. 

Let’s take a look at 3 ways Amy has leveraged Manychat Instagram DM Marketing – and how you can apply these exact strategies to boost your sales. 🤑

Use Case #1: Free webinar

Amy Porterfield has a free, evergreen masterclass, The Relaxed Business Owners Guide to Building a Profitable Email List,  that is related to her course, List Builders Society. 

In order to promote her masterclass, Amy created a carousel post that detailed her experience of losing 5,000 Instagram subscribers because of a glitch. The post also encourages her followers to build a list that they own.

In the end card, she has a CTA for users to comment a keyword, so they can get instant access to her free masterclass.

Once they’ve commented on the post, they receive a message in their DMs. There, they are asked a few questions to register them for the free class – all on autopilot. 

Swipe Amy’s strategy

  1. Create an engaging carousel post, offering in-depth information. For example, “3 easy ways to grow your email list.”
  2. When writing your post caption, include a CTA at the end that relates to the caption and the carousel post content. For example, “Comment CLASS to get instant access to my masterclass.”
  3. Connect your post to Manychat’s comment automation and create your flow in Manychat.
  4. Once a user comments, they receive the information on your offer. In this example, Amy sent information and registered people for her masterclass.

In the Instagram DMs, you can also ask for an email address. Once the user types it in, Manychat can automatically add it to your email automation software, so you can continue to nurture your audience on a list that you own.


  • 3,243 Registrations Collected
  • 83% Webinar Registration Rate

Key Takeaway #1

Experiment with different content – such as posts, carousels, and Reels – and encourage your audience to engage by including a CTA. 

Play the long game. Remember, offering value instead of pushing a hard sell is a potent way to encourage more sign-ups to your offer. You can also convert more subscribers into buyers by adding their email addresses to your list and nurturing them.

Use Case #2: Book purchases

Amy is the New York Times bestselling author of Two Weeks Notice. In order to promote her book and drive more sales, she posted a Reel of her book and offered a limited-time bonus with every purchase.

Users who commented on the Reel received a direct link to purchase the book and the free bonus – all in the Instagram DMs. 

Amy was also able to collect valuable information on the person buying the book, including their name and email address, to add them to her own list.

Swipe Amy’s strategy

  1. Create an eye-grabbing Reel. Ensure it relates to your offer.
  2. Include a CTA in your caption and on your Reel. For example, “Comment BOOK to get access to the free bonus!” 
  3. Connect your Reel to Manychat’s comment automation and create your flow in Manychat.
  4. Once a user comments, they receive the information on the book. Remember, you can also use this strategy for guides, webinars, cheatsheets, reports, and more.
  5. In the Instagram DMs, you can also ask for an email address. Once the user types it in, Manychat can automatically add it to your email automation software, so you can segment them out and reach out to them for reviews or feedback.


  • 2,650 Emails Collected
  • 924 Confirmed Purchases
  • 35% Purchase Conversion Rate

Key Takeaway #2

Use this strategy to drive book sales and build excitement around your launch – you can use this exact tactic for preorders as well. 

Sold out? You can also waitlist your audience and add them to your Instagram DM List to contact them when it’s back in stock. 

Use Case #3: Instagram Live

Amy also used Instagram Live to drive more book purchases. She leveraged Manychat to help people get more information while she was live – and without taking them away from Instagram.

Swipe Amy’s strategy

  1. Set up Instagram DM Automation for Instagram Lives, and create your message flow within Manychat. School of Bots reports that about 85% of users will comment on the live, and give their email address in the DMs.
  2. Always pin a comment with the exact CTA. Even if somebody joins the Live for three seconds, they can still opt-in because they see the CTA there, and you’re able to collect leads.
  3. Label your Lives with the CTA. For example, “Comment BOOK to get on my preorder list.”

Key Takeaway #3

Use Manychat with your IG Lives to capture more leads.

Overall Results

In the past 10 months, Amy’s chat funnels have collected 18,634 new email addresses, and generated over $1.4 million in sales

The best part? 100% of these results are from her free, organic content.

In fact, using Manychat, creators have reported jumps from 50 comments to over 800 comments on a single post – that’s an increase of 1,500%.

Will you be our next success story?

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