Swayam Dhawan’s foolproof strategy to re-engage subscribers and drive $35,000 in sales in just 30 days

Would you like the secret to re-engaging subscribers to drive $35,000 in just 30 days for your online store?

Here’s how Manychat Agency Partner and Educator Swayam Dhawan uses Recurring Notifications (RNs) and Manychat to his double holiday sales with a tiny advertising budget.


Swayam is an eCommerce agency owner who helps eCommerce business owners and high-ticket coaches with a lucrative Chat Marketing sales system to automate their sales processes.

With a background in web design, Swayam turned his attention to Chat Marketing in 2016. Since then, he has served more than 350 clients from 30+ countries, including Indian media agency Dainik Bhaskar, Bhagwati Rail, Lucrative Lady coaching clubs, and Creatofy, to name a few.

He started his eCommerce journey with just one store and has since expanded to multiple stores. 

The challenge

Swayam understood that traditional methods to recover abandoned carts, like using recovery emails and retargeting ads, resulted in low conversions. 

Rather than solely relying on emails and retargeting ads, Swayam saw the potential of using Recurring Notifications with Manychat. In fact, Manychat delivers a 58% lift in recovering abandoned carts vs. industry average. 

In addition, Recurring Notifications allow businesses to re-engage their customers after 24 hours of last interaction, with prior permission, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, using Manychat’s Broadcasting tool.

It’s the latest way to interact with your subscribers – for free – after the initial 24 hours have passed.

Recurring Notifications are a more robust alternative to One-Time Notifications (OTN), which have some limitations. These include being able to only send a single message after you’ve obtained permission from leads, and you must obtain permission multiple times to send more messages.

Recurring Notifications allow businesses to bypass this OTN limitation, which is a great opportunity for businesses to reach their Messenger subscribers and nurture them on the channel they prefer.

The goal

Swayam’s goal was to double holiday sales using Recurring Notifications with minimal ad spend.

He then decided which type of RN would be best to achieve his goal.

The Recurring Notification is broken down into 3 communication windows: 

  • Daily over 6 month period after opt-in (one message per calendar day)
  • Weekly over 9 month period after opt-in (once every calendar week)
  • Monthly over 12 month period after opt-in (once every calendar month)

“The bottom line is deciding what kind of RN is a good fit for your business because there are three different types,” Swayam says. “So the best one to use in your business can amplify your Chat Marketing results.”

The strategy 

For eCommerce stores, Swayam’s Recurring Notifications strategy delivers a 50% discount coupon as a lead magnet. 

Customers who want the 50% discount coupon must opt-in to Messenger to claim it.

After that, Swayam includes a message to ask leads if they wish to receive more offers and discounts on a weekly basis. The lead is then asked to opt into weekly Recurring Notifications.

On the flip side, Swayam says daily Recurring Notifications are a great option for coaches and consultants. 

When running webinars or challenges, Swayam employs Recurring Notifications to remind attendees to join a live session, and receive key takeaways, bonuses, or special high-ticket program offers.

“When people register for the webinar, but they’re not able to show up live, they miss the upsells or bonuses that are offered with the webinar,” Swayam says. “This is a smart way to re-engage those people and amplify sales quickly without going for a week-long follow-up sequence.”

Swayam also uses RNs to encourage attendance for Facebook and Instagram Lives or to encourage users to participate in daily challenges, by sending a daily reminder.

The results

By implementing weekly RNs for his own eCommerce store on a weekly basis, Swayam generated $35,000 in just 30 days, with a staggering 22% customer retention rate.

In fact, utilizing the coupon code RN strategy as a lead magnet generated $10,000 in organic sales in a single weekend.

“Along with the RNs, when we integrated email automation, we were able to make around $15,000 revenue from Klaviyo,” adds Swayam.

For his daily RN strategy, Swayam has increased webinar show-up rate from 20% to 60%, with one of his workshops driving $26,000 in revenue with zero ad spend, and adding $16,000 more using Recurring Notifications as a follow-up.

“We have doubled our daily sales for eCommerce and info products by utilizing the daily RNs functionality.”

In addition, Swayam has made $105,000 per month by selling info products on Shopify with Manychat integrations, and $35,000 per month by selling digital resources templates.

Key takeaways

To get the most out of Recurring Notifications, take note of these three things:

  • Use RNs with your lead magnet. Offering a coupon is a great incentive to get your leads into your Messenger chatbot, then nurture them with a series of weekly offers.
  • Employ RNs to deliver reminders to increase webinar attendance rates. It also boosts your ROI as you can use multiple RN topics without breaking Facebook’s 24-hour rule.
  • Integrate your RN strategy with other automation tools. When using tools like email automation and SMS with RN, you can dramatically increase your revenue.

Businesses can supercharge their ROI using Recurring Notifications and an effective Chat Marketing strategy powered by Manychat.

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