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SMS marketing is the most exciting marketing channel in 2021. If you haven’t explored this channel for your business, you should know you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. We know it’s a confusing channel with it being so new. Despite how effective SMS marketing is, many businesses aren’t sure how to approach sending business texts.

Using text message templates for your business

Templates make life easier. They save time and money because you don’t have to create messages from scratch. They get your message across clearly and consistently. Not everyone on your team writes or speaks the same way. Text templates give your business a unified voice when communicating with leads and customers. 

After you create and save a template in your SMS marketing software, employees can click on a template, update any custom fields, and send without changing the original template. 

To help you start, we’ve created a list of 25 SMS templates to use right now. These templates offer new and exciting ways to connect with your customers. You can use them for SMS broadcasts, lead generation sequences, or customer retention campaigns. 

The benefits of Custom Fields 

If you are a ManyChat Pro customer, copy and paste the text message examples below in your SMS block and edit the words in brackets to fit your message. These words are Custom Fields.

Text message template example

They make personalizing text messages easy by pulling contact information from your CRM and using it in your texts.

SMS templates to copy

Browse our list of templates that apply to various areas of business:

Sales and marketing SMS templates

Promotional SMS messages are the main reason SMS has picked up so much traction in recent years. Here are some templates you can use to drive more sales and leads for your business.

Start by offering your customers a reward when they text a keyword to your phone number. This message can appear as a pop-up on your website with a widget that directly inputs the keyword on their text messaging app.

  • Get 15% off — text “DINNER” to [Number] to unlock an instant discount on your next order.

Once they send the message, you can respond with:

  • Hi there! Thanks for texting us. Use code ”WELCOME” to get 10% off your entire purchase when you pick up your order from our store.
example text message

Below are other SMS templates you can modify to announce a sales promotion:

  • [COMPANY NAME]’s annual sale is just 12 hours away! Use the code “SALE” to get exclusive early access to our deals.
  • We know you love savings! We’re offering a 10% discount on all online orders for supplement products. Valid thru 11/11/21.
  • Yay! It’s another Two for Tuesday. Order a box of popcorn today and get another one FREE. Hurry now and visit [URL] to order. Valid for orders above $20.

Order confirmation alert SMS templates

Order confirmation alerts can get lost when sent via email due to flooded inboxes. If you want your customers to see your order confirmation messages, consider sending SMS messages. Here are a few order confirmation text message templates you can use.

  • Thanks for using the promo code ”PROMO”. Your order will be delivered on or before 12/12/21.
  • Thanks for your order! Visit [URL] to confirm your shipping address.

When sending order confirmation messages, it’s crucial to include your company name as sender ID and provide as many details as you can.

Customer service SMS templates

SMS is an excellent customer service tool because messages are delivered and read almost immediately — and there’s room for two-way communication. If you leverage this channel, your business saves money on phone service and customer service personnel training. Here are a few templates for customer support messages.

  • Hi [FIRST NAME]. It appears there’s an issue with your order. We’re sorry for the mixup, and we’re working to resolve it. We’ll get back to you once we’re done.
  • Hello [FIRST NAME]. We had to delay your shipment. Your new delivery date is 01/01/21 with tracking code ABD458S473823. Please reply to this text if you have further inquiries.
  • Hello [FIRST NAME]. Thanks for contacting [COMPANY NAME]. Please reply to this message to schedule a consultation with a personal trainer.
  • Hello [FIRST NAME]. Your complaint with ticket number [TICKET NUMBER ###] has been resolved. We appreciate your patience. Kindly let us know if you’d need anything else.
Welcome text message

Exclusive offer SMS templates

Exclusive offers are meant to make your customers feel special. Therefore, such messages should be as personal as possible. Achieve this by addressing customers by their first name or some other title that shows they’re special. Here are a few examples you can modify to suit your business.

  • Dear [FIRST NAME]. We appreciate your loyalty over the years and we’d like to thank you with this $50 voucher to purchase any item of your liking. Valid till 10/10/21
  • Dear [PREMIUM SUBSCRIBER]. It’s been 12 months of consistently reading from our platform. To celebrate your anniversary, next month’s subscription is on us!
  • Dear VIP customer, show this message to the stylist to receive the next hair cut FREE! Thanks for trusting the brand. Offer valid thru 12/12/21.
  • Our product launch is 05/06! Text club members get to enjoy a front seat plus 10% discount on purchases. Visit to reserve your spot.
sms exclusive offers

Appointment reminder SMS templates

If your customers are in the habit of missing their appointments, it’s probably because they’re not getting the reminders at the right time. Why not help them out and send the reminder as a text message. Remember, 95% of people read their text messages within the first three minutes of receipt.

The text should contain important information, such as appointment time and venue. Plus, you can tell the customer what they’ll need for the appointment and include an option to reschedule or cancel. Here are a few helpful templates.

  • Hi [FIRST NAME]. Your appointment with [EMPLOYEE NAME] is scheduled for 2 p.m. today. Please arrive at the clinic 10 mins prior. Follow this link to reschedule or cancel [CALENDAR LINK]
  • Hi [FIRST NAME]. Don’t forget your monthly manicure today at Gracious Salon. Please come with your facemask. Call (888) 999-6666 if you have questions.
  • Hi [FIRST NAME]. Your weekly session is today @ 18:00. [EMPLOYEE NAME] is looking forward to seeing you. Please arrive early for our mandatory pre-tests. See you @ 17:30!
SMS template example

Text to order SMS templates

Text to order or text to buy has been tipped as the next big thing in eCommerce. Marketers stand to gain a lot from adopting a strategy that makes buying from mobile completely hitch-free. Offer this purchase feature by sending exclusive offers to customers and urging them to respond with their order.

  • Get a 15% discount on all orders today! See our attached menu and send your order using the codes in the image. We’ll deliver 30 mins after order confirmation.

Note: This template is only suitable for MMS marketing messages.

You can also ask customers to text in a keyword, and they’ll receive a message with a link to order online. For example, you can ask your customers to text “BACON” and they’ll get a message like this:

  • What smoked treat are you having today? Place your order via and we’ll get to it right away. Call us at (555) 431-6517 if you have any questions.

Text bot SMS templates

Text bots have a wide range of applications in SMS marketing. They can be used to automate or support customer service, collect feedback, confirm orders, track shipping, etc. Typically, when using text bots for SMS marketing, you should encourage the other party to communicate with keywords, letters, or numbers representing their requests or answers.

  • What would you like to order? Text “1” for [PRODUCT A], “2” for [PRODUCT A], “3” for [PRODUCT A].

Customer satisfaction survey SMS templates

Reviews are a great way to attract new customers and improve your services. However, customers aren’t always keen on spending time leaving a review (unless they’re unhappy). One way to encourage your customers to leave a review is via SMS messages. You’ll benefit greatly from using an SMS tool that allows customers to respond to your text.

  • Hi! Thanks for stopping by today. We’d appreciate it if you took a moment to tell us what you like about our services and how we can improve. 
  • Hello. We hope you’re enjoying your power blender. Please click here to let everyone know how great it is. It will only take a minute.
  • Thanks for choosing [COMPANY NAME]. We hope you enjoyed your stay. Please let us know how we did so we can serve you better.
  • Hi. Thanks for shopping with [COMPANY NAME]. How would you rate our service, on a scale of 1-10? Kindly reply to this message with your answer. 
Customer service text


As long as you have the right SMS marketing strategy and tools, you can launch text message marketing campaigns that are tailored to your business needs. So, what are you waiting for? Start texting customers today using the templates above to increase engagement and better help your customers.

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