[Case Study] How LEO L’assistente Virtuale Used ManyChat to Sell €10,000 in Gym Memberships

Leo L'assistent Case Study

LEO L’assistente Virtuale is an advertising agency based in Venice, Italy, that provides Chat Marketing services for local restaurants, gyms, tourism, healthcare organizations and more. LEO is one of the few agencies in the country who offers marketing automation services, and they’ve helped more than 100 companies better engage with customers and drive more sales. 

In October 2019, a local fitness center in Venice tasked Marco Mantovan, Co-Founder of LEO, with creating a Halloween campaign to generate more leads for monthly memberships. Facebook had previously been a big source of leads for the fitness center, and with the loss of engagement in this channel came a downswing of memberships. 

But acquiring new members is one of the biggest challenges for fitness companies. To tackle this problem, Marco decided to use Chat Marketing to communicate with members and prospects instead of opting for more traditional but less effective modes of communication like email and phone calls. 

For Marco’s fitness clients, the LEO group decided to run a “Trick or Treat” quiz campaign to drive new sign-ups for the center during Halloween. And in 30 days, the center generated 300 new leads and sold €10,000 in memberships. 

Attracting new people to the quiz

Marco used two growth tools to get new users into the bot:

  1. Messenger Ref URL
  2. Comment Growth Tool

The Messenger Ref URL was attached to an organic Facebook post promoting the quiz on the center’s Facebook Business Page. The post covered:

  • How the winner would receive a free two-week membership to the center with access to the gym, training and swimming classes, and pool.
  • How to enter the quiz.
  • Encouragement to tag a friend. 

When users clicked the Ref URL, they were sent into a Messenger conversation to start the quiz. Marco also attached a Comment Growth tool to the post to encourage shares and extend the campaign’s reach. 

A fast and fun quiz using Messenger

Once users entered the conversation in Messenger by clicking on the invitation, instructions to begin the Trick or Treat quiz welcomed them.  

Translated text below

Halloween Quiz inside Messenger #1

“Hi Marco, do you want to try our Halloween quiz? Click “Yes” below for the rules.” 

Once a user clicked yes, they received the following message:

“All you have to do is choose one of the sweets offered to you. You only get ONE chance to win our prize: A two-week, all-inclusive, free membership. 

Click “‘I want to play’ … and good luck.” 

Those who chose to play could select one of the four treats in the chat window. One of the treats would reveal the prize.

Translated text below:

Halloween Quiz inside Messenger #2

“Marco, choose carefully among the 4 options … you only have one chance.”

Participants who selected the winning treat were prompted with a message describing how to redeem their free two-week membership. 

Translated text below:  

Halloween Quiz inside Messenger #3


 You won two ALL-INCLUSIVE weeks! 

Go to the main desk and bring us a screenshot of this conversation to collect your prize. If you want to give your friends a chance to win, tag them in the comments on our Facebook post. But be aware, the winning treat changes constantly.”

To help keep the contest fair, Marco and his team rotated the winning treat choice to prevent participants from giving away the winning answer to their friends, also saving the company from giving away too many free memberships. 

Driving more membership sign-ups

The fitness center’s Trick or Treat quiz ran for 30 days and pulled in new memberships at a fraction of the company’s overall lead cost. Results included: 

  • 300 new leads for future marketing efforts
  • €10,000 in new memberships
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