7 Ways to Get People to Remember Your Brand

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Recognition is a long process that requires an integrated approach. 

Often this direction of development is ignored, not fully understanding the importance. It does not give instant sales, colossal profits, and other indicators right now, which entrepreneurs are chasing. 

However, in the long run, it strengthens the brand’s position, creating the image of a reliable company that you can trust. It is a recognition that is responsible for the fact that the consumer will remember you at the time the need arises. 

From promotional gifts to values, discover seven different ways to get people to build a strong brand—and be memorable. 

Give emotion 

People love getting positive emotions. Successful brands that know how to deliver emotion are ahead of their competition. Give joy, demonstrate how your product can make life better and you will certainly fall in love with consumers while delivering an emotional connection. 

Remember, people only consider themselves rational. Most purchases are made to receive certain emotions. We don’t buy things, we pay money to feel happy, to get a new portion of dopamine.

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Get closer to consumers with social media

Invest in social networks. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, a huge audience is gathered here. 

For example, Instagram is visited by more than 500 million users every day, and this number is growing rapidly. Thus, you can create your own base of subscribers who will constantly monitor the updates. 

Secondly, this is one of the best ways to give users emotions through visual content. Therefore, if you still do not use social networks, it’s time to do it, and quickly.

On top of that, social media helps get closer to the target audience. You can show your customers that real people are behind the company. Talk about employees and show processes from the inside. Such a brand strategy helps build customer loyalty and a positive image.

To promote and build an uninterrupted posting system effectively, use special services. Most of them help to edit photos and videos, conduct analytics, and create a catchy description. 

Choose a tool convenient for you, like Contently or Upwork. In addition, ask for a guest post from an expert in your industry. Having an industry expert share their knowledge will help gain attraction from their audience as well as help establish your credibility.

Give away promotional gifts

There’s something to be said about repeat marketing. A promotional gift will help your brand name stick in the customer’s head and drive them back to your website. 

For instance, a promotional gift could be a mug with your business name and logo. Imagine that your client works in a huge office, and his mug is always on the table. Not only will the client constantly be reminded of your brand, but also the rest of the staff will see the brand logo. 

The staff may not attach importance to the logo, but rest assured, the subconscious mind works without the conscious. This means that when a person has a need, they will most likely think of your company and reach out.

Share the values of the target audience

Connect on the same values of your target audience. To illustrate, the issue of ecology is more serious every year. By showing an active position around this topic, you are creating a positive image and developing a brand value. 

An environmental position is especially important if your target audience is Generation Z. This generation is so conscious that if your brand is not “green,” you will not make them want to buy something.

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Help solve consumer problems

The competition is so high that old approaches no longer work. Brands cannot focus on themselves; instead, they must deliver value and help solve consumer problems. 

Create clear positioning that will stand out from the competition and demonstrate the importance of acquisition to your target audience. Do not sell the product, give solutions. Since the product is only 25% of what you sell. The rest is an intangible component.

Stay consistent with your brand strategy

Recognition is the integrated use of various tools to create a certain image of the company in the eyes of the consumer. One of the key components is the visual part. A brand identity should be uniform. This means that each advertising medium must use identical colors and graphic elements that harmoniously fit into the brand. 

Make sure that you evoke the same emotions and do not confuse people. Just looking at even a part of the logo, a person should understand that it is about your brand. It is quite difficult to achieve such a result, it requires a huge amount of effort, but nowhere without a competent visualization strategy.

Constantly be seen

It’s not enough to create an advertising campaign and hope that the consumer will remember you. In conditions of information oversaturation, this will require more effort. Therefore, it is extremely important to use several sources simultaneously. 

It can be exclusively digital format or its combination with traditional advertising platforms. It all depends on your tasks and the characteristics of the target audience. 


The modern world has changed the conditions of the game. Although the essence of marketing and brand experience has remained the same, the tools and their effectiveness have changed. Now is the time to communicate effectively with your audience and build loyal customers on the channels that they are on.

Keep your brand experience consistent, from Messenger and SMS to social media and website.

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