How to Create a Quiz in ManyChat

How to Create a ManyChat Quiz

It’s a fact: People love learning more about themselves. 

Yet, when someone lands on your website or Messenger bot, it’s also a great opportunity for you to learn more about them. Promote a quiz to suss out a customer’s interests, preferences, or guide them to the right product to satisfy their needs. They’ll be more than happy to part with valuable information you can use to market to them later. It’s a win-win situation!

In ManyChat, you can use automation to create and manage quizzes to ensure customers have an enjoyable shopping experience, and you’ll learn something that will help you convince them to buy your wares. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a quiz flow in your bot. 

Before you start

Here are some things to know before you begin the process.

  • If you’ve never built a flow in ManyChat before, it’s helpful to review our free Chat Marketing course before diving in.
  • ManyChat’s Growth Tools are a great way to get website visitors into your quiz. Popular tools include the Facebook Modal Pop-up, Slide-in bar, Customer Chat, and the Messenger Ref URL. See the full list of Growth Tools for more options
  • The quiz automation will utilize two separate flows: one to create a workflow for questions and a second to calculate answers and share results with the shopper. 

Steps to create a quiz in ManyChat

A short quiz is a great way to connect with visitors and provide an entertaining experience that will encourage them to buy. Brands using ManyChat to build quizzes are experiencing massive returns from this tactic. One company, hideAWAY Handmade, generated upwards of $100,000 in additional revenue per month through their “What’s Your Fragrance?” quiz. 

To create a quiz in ManyChat, follow these steps:

  1. In your ManyChat dashboard, go to Settings and click Custom Field. Then create a Number Type Custom Field with the name of your quiz.
Creating New User Field
  1. Navigate to Automation and create a new flow.
Creating a flow
  1. Choose the Triggers (like a Messenger Ref URL or opt-in tool) you want to include in your Starting Step
ManyChat starting step
  1. Create your first message. Then add an Action block to set your Custom Field score to 0. This will keep the scoring running smoothly in the event someone restarts the quiz. 
Start quiz

5. Create your first question. In this example, we used a Gallery block to add images and copy to get people interested in taking the quiz.  

Creating your quiz questions

6. Assign points to each answer by setting up Action blocks after each button. ManyChat will calculate points based on each answer to give participants an accurate result at the end of the quiz. 

Building your first question

7. Connect all your Action blocks to the next Messenger message to build your next question.

Tracking your style score with action blocks

8. Repeat the same process for each question.

Questions #2

9. Once you reach your last question, connect the last set of Action blocks to Start a New Flow.

Sending to new flow

10. Click the block to start a new flow, then name it.

Creating results flow

11. Create a “tallying up the votes” message.

Tally up quiz score

12. Set a Condition block to route people toward their outcome based on their score. 

Final results!

Whenever someone takes an important action in your bot (like finishing a seven-question quiz), you’ll want to reward them! If you have a Shopify store, you can use ManyChat’s enhanced Shopify integration to send personalized coupon codes through Messenger after a shopper completes a quiz. If not, you can drop the code in your final message like in the example above. 

Whatever quiz you decide to create, offer a discount just for participating. You can link your Messenger bot button directly to a collection or product page created explicitly for quiz outcomes. 

Tips for building a successful quiz

Here are some tips and recommendations for building a quiz that will help your business connect with more people, grow your contact lists, and achieve greater ROI.

  1. Base your quiz on a common customer pain point. What do shoppers have the most trouble with when they land in your store? Are they overwhelmed by your selection and looking for guidance? Maybe they’re not sure what fragrance would best suit them or what type of shoes would complete a look they’re trying to pull together. Help them solve their problems by responding to your quiz questions in Messenger. They may thank you with a purchase. 
  2. Collect contact information. Not everyone will buy something after finishing your quiz—and that’s okay. Collect their phone number or email address so you can market to them at a later time. You can set up your quiz to ensure submitting this information is required to start it. 
  3. Always reward people for their participation. When someone finishes your quiz, make sure to give them a discount to your store as a thank you for their time. You can guide them in the right direction with a link to the relevant pages based on their answers. Chances are they’ll be excited and ready to shop!  
  4. Tie your quiz to a business outcome. Always assign a business objective to your quizzes, whether it’s subscriber growth, sales, or even market research. In doing so, you’ll be able to measure its success and identify where you can improve things. 
  5. Test your quiz. You may want to see how it looks on your phone or desktop before you launch it. In ManyChat, you can test any flow right from Flow Builder by clicking Preview in the upper right corner. 
  6. Create separate Custom Fields for each category. The example provided above uses one Custom Field to tally the points from each question. A more sophisticated way to build your quiz is by creating different Custom Fields for each category. You can apply points to each category based on the participant’s answers. Then at the end, you can set a Condition block to see which category has the highest score and route the shopper to a page that reflects the quiz outcome. 

Next steps

A well-crafted quiz helps you make an excellent first impression and helps people figure out the best products for themselves in your store. If you want to create a unique and engaging shopping experience for your customers, you’ll want to give this tactic a try! 

Create more meaningful relationships and grow your business with ManyChat. Start free today.

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