Best Practice: Instagram Ads

Best practices for Instagram ads

Curious about running Instagram ads?

Businesses and marketers, like you, usually find great success running Instagram ad campaigns rather than focusing solely on organic campaigns. If you take the time to craft a well thought out Instagram ad strategy, you can enjoy a huge return on investment (ROI).

6 tips for running a successful Instagram ad campaign

When you’re creating an Instagram ad campaign, keep the following in mind:

Know your audience

Do your research on who you want to target with your ad campaign and the type of content you want to deliver. What will resonate best with your target audience?

Consider the campaign

Use Reach and Brand Awareness campaigns to get your Instagram posts in front of people in your target audience. Then, set up conversion campaigns to convert prospects into customers later on.

Use keywords

When using Instagram DM Automation by ManyChat, a keyword refers to a specific word or phrase that users send to your brand via a direct message (DM). That word or phrase starts an automated conversation that’s part of a flow you’ve previously created. 

Additionally, you can use keywords for Instagram Story ads. Once an Instagram user DMs you the specified keyword, a conversation is triggered with your business. Once the conversation has been started, direct the prospect down an automated lead funnel or FAQ sequence, or pop into a Live Chat with the customer to offer human assistance.

Track the data

In ManyChat, you can save information like which ad people came into your funnel from or how well they convert through your chat funnel. This gives you vital insight into which ads are performing the best.

Create custom Facebook audiences

With growing privacy concerns, it’s becoming more difficult to capture external information about customers. So use the data collected in ManyChat to create custom Facebook audiences based on certain actions users take within your Instagram messaging funnel.

For example, a great way to boost ad performance is to create custom audiences comprised of users who go through your entire chat funnel.

Don’t forget visuals

Produce attention-grabbing visuals and offer some type of value. For example, if you’re a camping shop, post an image of the most delicious s’more (Who doesn’t love a good s’more?!).

Use a keyword, such as “s’more,” that triggers a conversation that delivers a recipe and captures their email. Boom. You spent some ad dollars and got some emails. That’s some serious ROI generated.

By developing automated responses to Story ads, marketers and brands like you can boost ad ROI, campaign velocity, and generate new followers.

For more tips on how Instagram Automation can support your business goals, check out our video course. Or, go to our Facebook community for more ways people use ManyChat.

Ready to automate your DMs? Get started with Instagram Automation by ManyChat.

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