Announcing ManyChat Wallet: Auto-Refill Balance For SMS and Email

ManyChat Wallet

Managing your campaign funds just got that much easier.

We’re excited to roll out ManyChat Wallet, a new system that lets you better manage your funds and billing for SMS and email campaigns. 

You can now pre-load and automatically replenish your balance for SMS and email so you never have to worry about running out of funds in your account.

Wallet will replace the old model of billing for SMS and email in $10 increments after messages have been sent and will allow you to take more control of how and when you want to pay for them.

One significant benefit for ManyChat Wallet is easier fund management when sending messages through SMS and email. Your campaigns will continue to run, no matter what, and this automation will help you focus more on your business without interruptions.

Auto-Refill Your SMS and Email Balance with ManyChat Wallet

Think of your balance as cash in your wallet to pay for SMS and email messages upfront. You must always have a positive balance in ManyChat Wallet to keep campaigns with SMS and emails going. If your balance runs out, any running flows or broadcasts that include these messages will pause until your balance replenishes.

To access your balance, log in to your ManyChat account and go to Settings → Billing.

manychat wallet setup

There are two ways to add funds to your balance:

  • Activate Auto-Refill: Set a minimum balance and automatically replenish funds with any amount you choose once you reach that threshold. You can also set a limit for the amount you don’t want to exceed daily.
setting up auto refill
  • Add Funds: Add funds to your balance manually with one-time payments. You’ll see a notification in your dashboard when your balance runs low, and you need to replenish funds with this option manually. 
one-time payment

Auto-Refill is disabled for your account by default when you first connect SMS and email. We recommend that you enable this feature when connecting the SMS and email channels to ensure that any campaigns or broadcast sends do not get disrupted.

By taking control of your balance and going the ‘set it & forget it’ route with Auto-Refill, you’ll never have to worry about having insufficient funds or worry about your customers not receiving your messages.

Note: SMS and email are available for Pro plans.

This information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Please always consult your attorney before engaging in text marketing.

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