[Case Study] How One Fitness Apparel Company Generated $23,987 in One Day With ManyChat

Facebook Messenger Case Study

DimNiko.com specializes in advertising for e-commerce brands. They’ve spent well over $10 million dollars in digital ads, and train other e-commerce entrepreneurs in scaling their online stores.

For one fitness apparel company, they struggled to market their products outside Instagram. The brand had an established presence on the platform, but was continually leveraging influencers to help boost sales. It was a one-way approach that didn’t spread the word fast enough about their products.

They needed a way to create a dialogue with new customers, grow their list, and drive interested buyers to their online store.

After partnering with DimNiko to run a viral giveaway, the fitness brand generated 254 orders and $23,987.64 in revenue from Messenger and boosted brand awareness on social.

A Brand Born & Raised on Instagram

The client was a fitness apparel company – a lifestyle brand that had grown primarily via influencers on Instagram. The good news was they already had an established brand and loyal following. The bad news was that they only existed on Instagram.

This led to a few problems for the brand:

  1. All their eggs were in one basket – what would happen if they (for whatever reason) lost their account?
  2. They had no direct contact with the customers. People only saw what they posted on Instagram.
  3. With Facebook’s algorithm change barely showing business pages’ posts, it’s only a matter of time before Instagram follows. If Instagram’s algorithm kills its organic reach, then that would be the end of the business.

The brand had to expand its marketing efforts into Facebook. DimNiko’s plan was to build an audience using paid ads and ManyChat, and drive sales through the new channel.

Creating a viral giveaway to build a Facebook audience

To build up an audience fast, the brand ran a viral giveaway. They created a Messenger Ref URL to place throughout its promotional assets. When someone clicked the link, they were sent to a Messenger chat conversation as well as became a subscriber.

The brand gave away a full tracksuit and hoodie combo. To enter, all the customer had to do was click the link, then they’d see this message:

Facebook Message Example

Next was driving traffic to the giveaway. Leveraging the brand’s presence on Instagram, they dropped the Ref URL into an Instagram story promoting the giveaway. All people had to do was «swipe up to enter», and people were sent into the giveaway flow.

For brands that don’t have the «swipe up» feature on Instagram, you can use this same tactic with paid ads and influencers.

The Instagram story generated about 6,000 Messenger opt-ins, and built an engaged audience over on Facebook Messenger.

Monetizing the new audience

The subscriber list DimNiko helped the brand attract were interested in the product. They were eager to find out if they’d won the campaign or not.

To much of the surprise of this new audience, everyone ended up winning. The brand gave out the main prize (jogger and hoodie) to a chosen winner, and a runner-up prize to everyone else. This worked so well because everyone thought they’d genuinely won the prize.

Here’s the follow-up message runner ups receive after entering:

Winning message in facebook messenger example | creative messenger strategy

The goal of the message was to make it as personalized as possible. They wanted people to feel as though they had genuinely won something (despite sending this message to the entire list).

The brand used the ‘full name’ tag and gave the customer $15 off orders over $75. They positioned the prize as a store credit rather than a discount to encourage customers not to waste the opportunity.

That’s also why they used a photo of the voucher, too, and incorporated the full name tag with a unique code – so each and every person on the list felt as though they had been announced as the winner to everyone.

The team added urgency by setting a deadline to claim the code, and sent a follow-up broadcast before the deadline reminding customers to claim their prize.

The results

The fitness lifestyle brand saw the surge in sales it was hoping for. By personalizing the Messenger conversation, and positioning the promotion as a prize, they were able to pull in 254 orders and $23,987 in sales.

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