Notify Admin via Messenger is Moving to Email: Your Guide to Transition

Facebook blocks…it’s been on the top of mind lately. 

Here at ManyChat, we strive to help you be successful with your ManyChat bot and we’ve always remained in clear transparency as conversations with Facebook continue. 

Over the past several weeks, we’ve worked with Facebook on the structure of the Notify Admin text to make sure that it’s not causing warnings or blocks.

In addition, we’ve worked closely with the Review Team, got an approval on the copy and use case, and verified that this feature is compliant.

Unfortunately, we are still hearing reports from a small number of ManyChatters—less than 5%—are still having their pages inaccurately warned or blocked.

Even though the number of such false-positives is low, we understand that your page’s ability to message your contacts is the number one priority. Losing that ability is unacceptable, no matter how small the chance is.

Because of the false-positives of warnings and blocks, we have made a decision to move all Notify Admin via Messenger notifications to email starting Tuesday the 24th, 2020 at 8 am PST.

Don’t worry. All Notify Admin via Messenger actions will automatically transition to email starting Monday, November 24th.

While the number of pages that have been warned or blocked from using the Notify Admin via Messenger feature is small, we consider that unacceptable for our customers and the community. Our aim is to ensure that all customers who follow policy don’t get warned or blocked for something that is out of their control.

What you need to do before Tuesday, November 24th 

  1. Check that every admin, editor, and Live Chat Agent’s email address is correct in their ManyChat profile
  2. Let team members know that from now on, all notifications will go to email.
  3. Whitelist the ManyChat domain in your client’s email, like Gmail or Outlook, to prevent notifications from going to spam. The notification email address is “

We will leave Notify Admin via Messenger off until we are certain that Facebook can guarantee the safety of accounts that are using this feature. 

Again, on Monday the November 24th, 2020 at 8 am PST, you will no longer be able to use Messenger as a channel on Notify Admin. You will still be able to use email and SMS to Notify Admins and users on the account. All existing Notify Admins that are set to Messenger will automatically convert to email.

Transitioning onto email before November 24th

If you have been using Notify Admin via Messenger before, as of Nov 12th, you should have received a message within ManyChat, with the option to transition to email before November 24th. You can go through that process now or just wait until the 24th to transition to email. 

You will be guided to your Notifications settings and it will look like this:

ManyChat Notifications
Hit “Update Now” to transition onto email before November 24th

Please note that Notify Admin isn’t the only form of Messenger-based notifications, even though it’s the most popular one. User mentions in Live Chat will also transition to email. The other Messenger-based notification is when your page is warned by Facebook. These will also transition onto email.

How to set up email notifications

  • By default, a user’s email is the one they use with their Facebook account. Notify Admin notifications will go to this email by default.
  • Users can also set an email specifically for email notifications. They can do this under Settings —> Notifications (see below)
  • Admins cannot change their email of users on the account; the users must do this themselves.
ManyChat email settings
How anyone can update their email address in Settings 

Push notifications via ManyChat Mobile App

There’s been feedback about push notifications on ManyChat Mobile App. You spoke; we heard. 

So, we are prioritizing this insight and hope to make Notifications via ManyChat App available by early December 2020. Stay tuned for updates.

Suggested next steps

If you are currently using Notify Admin to a team of admins, editors, or Live Chat agents, communicate the change to them. Check with them to make sure they keep an eye on their email inbox for notifications.

If they need to change their email, have them follow the above steps. 

Whitelist the ManyChat email in your client’s email, like Gmail or Outlook, to prevent ManyChat emails from going to spam.

Notify Admin via SMS will still function normally. You can choose to notify essential users via SMS, but those users will have to opt-in to SMS notifications via Settings —> Notifications (see below).

We are working quickly to give you the best experience and to help you succeed. As always, we appreciate your feedback and will continue to communicate with transparency as we navigate through the changes. 

If you haven’t already, check out our Updated Guide to Message Tag Policy or head to our community to stay informed.

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