How JSON Ads Can Help Business Lead Generation

To generated qualified business leads, entrepreneurs often rely on traditional methods, such as paid searches with keywords and social media ads. However, using semi-structured data such as JSON—a javascript code that sends data between different platforms—can help widen your target audience. Most obviously, JSON can improve the visibility of your business’s online profile. JSON ads can also answer questions more quickly, increase a potential customer’s engagement with relevant content, and benefit your lead generation strategy.

What is JSON?

JSON is used to formulate structured data by allowing an exchange of information between web clients and web servers. A marketer can use JSON to create a bridge between their ads and their customers’ queries, rather than relying on a default reply. Potential customers who click on your ad enter a funnel where you can set up marketing automation to engage them further. On Facebook, you can answer questions on the template builder and customize your response with keywords.

How can JSON ads help your marketing strategy?

JSON is considered semi-structured data. Unlike unstructured data, which is difficult to mine for business value, semi-structured data is easier to collate, query, and analyze. Search engines use this type of data to create rich snippets, which can provide potential customers with more details about your company or service. JSON pulls the information about a specific search result from structured data markup using semantic vocabulary. While rich snippets may not affect your organic rankings, they will improve your click-through rate and help lead generation.

JSON-LD, which is JSON using a linked data format, generates rich snippets to help search engines better understand details about content. This enhances your blog’s appearance on Google search by showing better headlines, images, and publishing dates for your articles. Furthermore, JSON provides detailed product information, including images, price, availability, and reviews in search results.

As part of a marketing strategy, JSON business lead generation can’t be beat. JSON ads using text, images, actions items, and other data can be set up to send a single direct message to anyone who clicks on your ad. If they interact with the message, they’re telling the platform they like the communication or are choosing to opt out. In this way, you can funnel traffic to your chatbot for lead generation that can result in conversions and sales. And a lead generation process that uses JSON ads that click directly to Messenger increases customer engagement faster and more efficiently than traditional marketing methods can. Finally, JSON click-to-Messenger ads can lower acquisition costs, so your digital marketing campaigns have a better chance of staying within budget.

How can JSON help business lead generation?

Here are some ways to maximize JSON business lead generation:

  • Focus on your target audience. Your ads are more likely to increase business lead generation if you focus your JSON marketing efforts on previous buyers, followers of your account, and those who comment on your posts and ads. A close look at platform insights and data analytics can help you identify the most qualified leads.
  • Use visual ads. Creating JSON ads using keyword automation will send potential customers to Messenger. Sending prospects to your DMs and chat will increase brand engagement. This can lead to more sales in the future and better business lead generation. Social media users are much more likely to engage in an ad that has compelling video or well-designed graphics, so don’t forget to include images that promote your marketing campaigns and attract the eye.
  • Use JSON ads to send prospects to your FAQ page. This will allow you to immediately answer many of your potential customers’ questions before involving customer service.
  • Approach schema markup from a template level: product categories, products, contact, about, and so on. Delivering templated structured data to a client or your marketing team can make it easier to implement later changes.
  • Don’t forget calls to action. Never assume the customer will automatically know to check out your website or your product. Include calls to action in all your video ads. This directs viewers to the next stage of engagement, even if they’ve watched the whole video.
  • Always include an opt-in message. By creating a welcome or opt-in message, you’ll be able to capture all users who click on your ad. Using a growth tool from ManyChat, or one included in the platform, will also help improve lead generation.

Tips for creating successful JSON ads that result in more business leads:

  • Use bold font and emojis at the top of your copy.
  • Remember to stay within 150 characters.
  • Text and images will help identify your brand and help it stand out from competitors.
  • Focus on three types of potential customers.
  • Test your JSON code. You can best do this by sending a preview message, but make sure you follow your platform’s guidelines as well.
  • Your first message must include a button or quick reply.

If your goal is to increase traffic or create a solid marketing strategy, JSON ads can help. You can answer customers’ questions, provide key information, promote your brand online, and boost your online content’s SEO rankings. Additionally, JSON ads are becoming more and more popular with eCommerce marketers and online entrepreneurs. JSON-LD can be a valuable tool for lead generation and conversions, helping your sales team reach more potential customers.

Find out ManyChat can help you design JSON ads that improve your business lead generation.

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