3 Ways to Use Chat Marketing For B2B Marketing

Chat Marketing for B2B Marketing

Are you a B2B company that feels like Chat Marketing is dominated by B2C?

Chat Marketing is certainly popular among B2C companies, but that doesn’t mean it’s non-existent among B2B industries, or that it can’t be helpful. In fact, one study shows that just 74 percent of B2C companies use live chat for sales, while 85 percent of B2B companies do the same thing. You may see more B2C companies using Chat Marketing as you scroll through Facebook, but the B2B companies are out there, too.

Your own B2B company can gain big benefits from Chat Marketing, most notably increased brand awareness and more conversions. You just have to go about it in the right way.

How Is B2B Marketing Different?

At the heart of it, a B2B company has many of the same goals that a B2C company does: Think increasing brand awareness and capturing leads. The two companies simply do things in a different way.

Many times, B2B customers and clients will be more educated about what they’re purchasing, which means you can afford to use more formal language and sprinkle in a little industry jargon. And since B2B customers are making a purchase for their business rather than something for personal use, their mindset is going to be different.

Although your marketing goals are the same as a B2C business, the way you get there is going to look different.

Utilize retargeting ads

Retargeting ads can be helpful in B2B marketing, but they work differently than in B2C because you have to reach a few certain specific people, the decision-makers in the company. Other than that, retargeting ads essentially work the same as in B2C; make sure to craft compelling copy and use a few different ads to keep things fresh.

Russell Brunson, an entrepreneur who teaches people about sales funnels, uses a Messenger bot to connect with leads. A few days after making the initial connection, he follows up with a retargeting ad and offers a free book. This is a great way for Brunson to reach the same person and reinforce what he has to offer.

russell brunson bot

Consider mindset and motivation

With B2B marketing, your customer is making a purchase to help their business, so you need to use language that reflects that. Disruptive Advertising, a digital marketing agency who helps clients maximize profits with pay-per-click campaigns, data analytics, and website testing, points out that although you can still make an emotional appeal, you need to tie it back to how this purchase would benefit the customer’s business.

One way you can do this is by sharing a case study with curious leads. Talk with a current customer who effectively uses your product in their business (maybe you sell an email software that’s helped them save time and increase open rates) and then write up a case study that you can send to leads. The case study will make people stop and think, “Hey, this product helped that business. Now I see how it can help my business, too.”

Deliver content to speed conversions

B2B customers take longer to convert than B2C. According to Social Media Today, this is because B2B sales are typically far more expensive than your average B2C purchase, and that means the customer needs to put in the extra time and research to ensure they’re making the correct decision. Plus, more decision-makers are involved, and the transaction often has to receive approval from multiple people up the food chain.

The good news is that you can use Chat Marketing to help speed the conversion process along. Your B2B customers want plenty of information to help them make a decision, so use Chat Marketing to give it to them.

For example, software company Techbud Solutions uses its Messenger bot to offer a course to customers. By tapping the “Learn More” button, customers can sign up for the course and learn more about what Techbud does: trading in the stock market. Sharing helpful content is an effective way to get people to come back.

techbud solutions bot

Chat Marketing For B2B Marketing

Once you have a handle on your B2B customers and what they need — namely, lots of information and time to decide on a purchase — you can effectively market your product or service to them. Use Chat Marketing in your B2B business to help conversions rise.

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