[Video] 5 Tips to Power Through Amazon Prime Day Like a Champ

Amazon Prime Day Marketing Tips

It’s like Black Friday but in July: Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day is the annual shopping holiday that’s exclusive to Prime subscribers. Historically, Prime Day has launched in mid-July, and unlike Black Friday or Cyber Monday, with Prime Day deals lasting up to 36 hours.

If you’re an Amazon seller, it could be huge for your business. The thing is, this day could go one of two ways: AMAZING or a total nightmare.

To make your Prime Day easier, we’ve put together five tips to help you power through the day with ease.  

5 Tips to Power Through Amazon Prime Day Like a Champ

Tip #1: Launch Facebook Ad Campaigns

You’ve probably tried Facebook ads before. It can be tricky to find the right people to target. But, have you considered the fact that your current ManyChat audience is the ideal demographic for whatever it is that you sell on Prime Day?

Build a lookalike audience based on your ManyChat subscribers right in ManyChat. This way you’ll target thousands or millions of people who like the same stuff.

Create eye-catching ads and bring that new audience into a conversation with your Messenger bot. And then, let the bot do all the work—guiding them toward your Prime Day deals.

Tip #2: Have Clean Product Pages

No one’s going to buy from you if you don’t put the effort into making your product pages clean, presentable and dynamic.

Would you rather shop in a store that’s chaotic and sloppy? Or, clean and organized?

The same goes for online shopping. You want to have the highest quality product images you can source. And of course, video goes a long way. A product video literally shows how it works, basically selling itself.

Another thing, SEO the heck out of that title! Amazon allows a max of 250 characters so, make the most of it.

Tip #3: Announce in Advance

In the days leading up to Amazon Prime Day, your potential buyers will be drowning in emails from businesses announcing their Prime Day Deals. Let’s just say there’s going to be A LOT of NOISE.

So, here’s a solution. Since you’ve built a solid audience in ManyChat, use that list to announce, in as far in advance, your upcoming Prime Day sale.

Then, come Prime Day, target that same audience with flash deal reminders. This can help increase your sales.

Tip #4: Maximize Amazon Reviews

This is more of a follow-up strategy, but you need to make the most out of that massive influx of sales! Capture buyer emails and toss them over to ManyChat for product follow-up. Quiz them within ManyChat and send happy sellers back to Amazon to leave a review. Follow up with buyers a few days later with PROMO CODES.

Tip #5: Build a Customer Safety Net

No product is perfect! And neither is every customer. Sometimes people need a little 1-on-1 time to understand how your product works. After all, nothing is going to hurt sales more than a bunch of negative reviews. As part of your follow-up with every customer, encourage them to interact with your ManyChat bot for product support, feedback, and FAQs. It’s easy and automatic.

With a little magic from ManyChat and applying these five tips, you can make your Amazon Prime Day easy, manageable, and a real money-making opportunity for your business.

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