7 Expert Tips to Survive a Virtual Event

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As virtual events have replaced in-person events for most of 2020, this brings a new set of challenges from video conferencing to connecting with others in an online setting.

When it comes to a virtual conference, this also begs the question: Just how do attendees retain information and create an action plan based on the knowledge unearthed in the sessions without losing focus?

So, we asked some of the best minds in Chat Marketing today to each reveal their number one tip for surviving a virtual event like Conversations 2020.

1. Learn as if you were there

An online event has a familiar setting (your home, your office, or even your bed). Still, if you prepare for it as if it was a strategy or brainstorming session like you would if you were an attendee at a physical event, you’ll get so much out of it, says Trilce Jiron, CEO of TBS Marketing, and the fun-size blonde of Bot Blondes.

“Grab your notebook, pen, and write down every thought you have throughout the Conversations, as those ideas and tips will be your roadmap for the year to come.”

2. Be truly present for the live event

Homeschooling your children or working from home has made many people feel like they’re splitting themselves in two trying to get everything done on any given day. 

Conversations is the perfect time to buckle down, limit distractions, and give yourself the time to work on your business, not just in it.

«Give yourself the gift of focus and being present,» says Molly Mahoney, CEO at The Prepared Performer. «If that means going to a hotel by yourself, do it. If it means upping the screen time for your kids, do it. It’s rare that you get a chance to focus on your own business.»

«Give yourself that gift during the conference, and for one day after! I love scheduling an empty day for implementation.»

3. Block out your calendar

Has someone ever told you, «If you don’t take the time, you won’t do it?» 


Well, Kelly Noble Mirabella, founder Stellar Media Marketing and Baby Got Bot, says blocking time and adding the sessions and activities to her calendar are her secret weapons to getting the most out of Conversations 2020.

«If you don’t block out time, you are not making it a priority. I always block off my calendar when I want to consume content from a virtual event,» says Kelly.

«It is important also to understand that the longer you wait to watch the content, the less likely you will be to consume it or even take any action.»

4. Get laser-focused on what you want to get out of Conversations 2020

Paul Baron, the co-founder of Chat Marketing University, says it’s easy to get distracted by all the great value Conversations offers, so he goes in with a game plan – working out exactly what he wants first.

«There will be dozens, if not hundreds of incredible tips. If you don’t stay focused on what you are looking to get out of the event, you will end up in analysis paralysis,» Paul says.

«Take good notes like it’s in person, identify what your top 10 are, then boil them down to the one most important thing you will do. Then do that thing and don’t move on to number two until one is fully executed.»

5. Make sure you’ve got your snacks handy

There’s nothing worse than consuming content on an empty stomach, says Robert Macbeth, CEO of Alchemical Bot.

His best advice?

“Treat the sessions as a car trip, make sure you’ve got snacks, drinks, and whatever other stuff you want on hand, and make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand. Make sure you’ve got comfortable seats or the ability to move around with your device while listening, so you don’t miss a beat.”

While he acknowledges networking in a virtual world is vastly different from an in-person one, he urges attendees not to miss this opportunity to make themselves visible and connect with their peers.

“Make smart comments and observations in real-time to help generate traction for yourself, helping your networking efforts.”

6. Have fun with the virtual event

While the event is online, it doesn’t mean it has to be a solo experience.

“Attend with friends so you can connect via chat or FaceTime in between presentations and share back your favorite learnings,” says Lauren Petrullo, CEO of Mongoose Media, and the tall blonde of Bot Blondes.

She also suggests creating a drinking game to share with your Chat Marketing buddies.

“Get a shot glass and your favorite tequila and create a virtual conference bingo card,” Lauren adds. “For example, B-1 presenter freezes; I-13 — the presenter’s audio freezes; N-27 — you get kicked out of a presentation due to the room being full.”

While the event is online, it doesn’t mean it has to be a solo experience.

7. Take action

Attending any conference can be a rewarding experience where you’ll have more than one “aha!” moment. However, you must execute any learned strategies.

Natasha Takahashi, the co-founder of the School of Bots, recommends you do just that.

“Attend a few specific sessions that can accelerate your business the fastest, and schedule time into your calendar for after the conference to take action.”

Now you’re armed with the best tips to get the most out of Conversations 2020.

Bonus online event tip: Have a killer playlist

No event — either in-person or online — is complete without a soundtrack, so we’ve assembled the ultimate playlist for Conversations 2020, curated by the ManyChat team!

You’ve got songs to hype you up for the day (or to prepare you for Mike Yan’s exciting product announcements keynote), as well as music to focus and implement some of the ideas.

You can listen below right now. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Conversations 2020 Spotify Playlist

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About Conversations 2020 speakers

Some of the biggest names in marketing, including Daymond John, Neil Patel, Billy Gene, Molly Pittman, Jasmine Star, Ryan Deiss, and many more, are part of our all-star speaker line-up for Conversations 2020.

View our full line-up of speakers here

What’s Conversations 2020?

Conversations is the largest Chat Marketing conference in the world that unites 5,000+ marketers from over 40 countries who are shaping the future of Chat Marketing.

This virtual event will be showcasing winning tactics on how to grow your business online with sessions dedicated to coaches and consultants.

You’ll get 30+ breakthrough sessions for Amazon and Shopify sellers, digital agencies, coaches and consultants, and more, as well as $15,000 worth of templates and practical workshops. 

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