Subscription Messaging Changes: What’s Next for You?

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The day of subscription messaging changes is right around the corner.

By July 31st, businesses who want to send non-promotional broadcasts are required to apply for permission from Facebook. 

Whether you’re tuning in now or need a little refresher about the Facebook Subscription Messaging changes, here are four articles that will help you navigate through the changes and maintain a strong Messenger Marketing strategy. 

1. What Do the Facebook Subscription Messaging Changes Mean to You?

Facebook Subscription Messaging Changes Article #1

This first article walks you through everything about Facebook’s Subscription Messaging changes. From what all the noise is about, how to handle it, and what we’re doing to help set you up for success.

2. How To Apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging

Facebook Subscription Messaging Changes Article #2

Here we cover how to apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging if you need it. Applying is straightforward and won’t take you that much time to complete.  

3. Subscription Messaging Updates: Your New Messenger Marketing Strategy

Facebook Subscription Messaging Changes Article #3

In this post, four Messenger Marketing experts walk you through the best strategy tips to build a new plan. Learn how to: 

  1. Build a multi-channel strategy with your bot at the center.
  2. Treat segmenting like every other marketing channel.
  3. Max out 24+1 without spamming your customers
  4. Take advantage of paid messages to re-engage subscribers
  5. Make automation a core piece of your strategy

4. 5 Best Practices for Facebook Subscription Messaging Changes Explained

Facebook Subscription Messaging Changes Article #4

And last but not least, the best practices for moving forward with your Messenger Marketing. See how pro bot builders and marketers are driving their business forward despite the changes:

  1. Provide valuable content for subscribers
  2. Determine what tags to use
  3. Send ads to warm audiences
  4. Create engaging organic sequences
  5. Focus on your community

Want to know more about Subscription Message updates? Join us at Conversations 2019 where you’ll hear directly from Facebook leadership, ManyChat product managers, and Messenger Marketing experts about how you can stay ahead of these changes and maximize business growth.

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