[Case Study] How NuggetBot Raised $45,000+ for Operation Underground Railroad with ManyChat

NuggetBot Case Study

PPC Entourage is an agency that helps businesses optimize and expand Amazon sponsored product campaigns to increase sales and profits.

In 2019, the company created Days of Nuggets, a charity organization on a mission to raise awareness for the Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), an organization that is fighting to end human trafficking among children of all ages. 

This is the first year the non-profit hosted the fundraiser “12 Days of Nuggets” where various marketing experts from the Amazon selling and e-commerce space gathered to share knowledge, tips, and insights, followed by an Amazon Mega Event webinar to further help attendees grow their Amazon business while gathering donations for the cause. 

Days of Nuggets partnered with Angela Allan and Trilce Jiron on a Chat Marketing campaign to raise awareness and reach more potential donors for Operation Underground Railroad. 

In under 6 weeks, the team was able to drive over $45,000 dollars in donations for O.U.R. with NuggetBot. 

Here’s their story. 

Raising awareness for the human trafficking non-profit

Angela and Trilce had two goals when they came together over one weekend to create NuggetBot: to keep people involved in the event and encourage donations for O.U.R. 

To achieve this, they created a website pop-up for the live event landing page, which gifted attendees $500 in instant Amazon seller gifts in exchange for their details. 

ManyChat Website Widget Pop Up Growth Tool

Once in the Messenger conversation, users were prompted to give their email and phone number in exchange for the $500 gift, as well as the ability to donate. 

If someone didn’t give their info, the team used a smart delay to send a 20-minute follow-up reminding them to retrieve their free $500 gift. Another smart delay was used to send a 2-hour follow up that encourage people to donate to O.U.R. 

Social proof was key here to drive interested donors to the landing page. We delivered information about the non-profit such as their mission, how many kids they’ve saved, and how many sex traffickers were brought down, easing people’s minds by adding credibility to the case.”  

— Trilce Jiron 

Encouraging donations via Messenger

When clicking the “Donate Now” call-to-action button, people were brought to the landing page below:

Amazon Mega Event Landing Page

Interested donors could donate any amount they chose. But to encourage people to donate more, Days of Nuggets set up a tiered prize system:

  • For a $100 minimum donation, contestants could win over $2,000 in Amazon Seller Prizes.
  • For a $250 minimum donation, contestants could win over $18,000 in Amazon Seller Prizes.
  • For a $500 minimum donation, you could win over $30,000 in Amazon Seller Prizes.

The landing page was also fit with a Customer Live Chat to answer any last-minute questions people had about the organization, contest, or event. 

Back in the chat window, people were able to share the event via Messenger: 

Sharing the Days of Nugget Bot

They also sent two ref URLs to help move the company’s email subscribers into NuggetBot. When an email subscriber clicked it, they were sent to a specific part of the bot: 

  • Ref URL #1: About the MEGA Event (tells them about the event, the prizes, and the organization Days of Nuggets).
Using Messenger Ref Url from ManyChat
  • Ref URL #2: Request Reminder (to confirm they would like to be sent a reminder via NuggetBot when the MEGA Event went live).

We both realized that copywriting and neuromarketing was going to be very important to encourage donations, so we worked on using those techniques throughout NuggetBot, focusing on how the donations help rescue children rather than the suffering, so people would feel compelled to donate, as they know their money was going to make a huge difference to the cause,” says Angela.

They also streamed the event from the Event Landing Page to Facebook Live. During the live Mega Event, people could type in «nuggets,» or a variation of «nuggets» like «nugs,» to open the $500 in instant prizes pop-up. If a viewer typed “Replay” during the Live Event, they’d be sent to a flow where they could sign up for a recording of the event. There the team captured their details to send the replay via email when it was ready.

Their success

Angela and Trilce’s campaign, which ran from January 7th, 2020, to January 21st, 2020, helped Days of Nuggets connect in a meaningful way with its audience and gain a new way to drive donations for the non-profit. 

Together, they were able to raise over $45,000 in donations to help end child sex trafficking, and saw the following results: 

  • Total subscriber count from January 7th to January 21st (no paid traffic): 304 subscribers (starting from 43 subscribers).
  • The donations website pop-up made 4735 impressions, with 269 opt-ins, 5.7% conversion rate, 100% open rate, and 89% CTR.
  • From the “Share Event” flow, 50% of subscribers chose to “Receive a Reminder” so they would be reminded via Messenger when the Mega Event went live — using the Confirmed Event Reminder tag.
  • Less than 24 hours after the event, they sent a “Thank you for joining us live yesterday” broadcast with a link to the replay (9% CTR), the option to receive the replay via email (13% CTR), and to claim their $500 in instant prizes (12% CTR). 

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