The 4 Cs of Chatbots in 2023: Community, Communication, Content and Commerce

The 4 Cs of Chatbots in 2023: THE FUTURE

It seems like just yesterday chatbots were the new marketing channel on the block, but they’ve quickly become the most popular kid at the lunch table — and for good reason.

If you’ve been paying any attention to marketing experts this year, you’ve noticed they’re all saying the same thing: if you’re not integrating Facebook Messenger chatbots and Messenger Marketing as a whole into your strategy, your business is going to feel the burn.

With the rapid rise of bots in our everyday lives, we were interested to know where other Messenger experts see the opportunity going over the next five years…

The answer? Lots of C’s: community, content, commerce, communication and more!

Read on and mark your calendars.

Where do you see Messenger Marketing and chatbots going in 5 years?

Mackensie Liberman on the ManyChat blog talking about chatbotsMackensie Liberman, Orca Marketology

First, it’ll be more mainstream and the general public will be more tuned in how to use them. In five years, I know Messenger chatbots will have greater capabilities of learning and being able to be more fluid with responses based on what a person replies with. I’m also looking forward to more AR involved with chatbots and more connectivity to outside software to make the user experience with a business more fluid.

Read more from Mackensie here.

Matt Leitz | chatbots | BotBuildersMatt Leitz, BotBuilders

That is largely dependent upon the quality of community we develop as bot builders. Messenger Marketing is no doubt the hot topic, and as such there are lots of marketers rushing in. If we allow the excitement of this financial opportunity to overshadow the opportunity to build something great, we will run into trouble. However, if we build a strong community, one that focuses on the user experience first (i.e. Conversations) then I have no doubt Messenger Marketing will be a core component of every businesses marketing mix.


brian bagdarsian | messenger marketing | chatbots | manychat conversations conference


Brian Bagdasarian, HubSpot

I think we’re going to see an increase in «assistant» type features – bots that can sit in on a Messenger conversation, and act as a virtual assistant, taking over parts of the conversation as needed, and increasing productivity across the board.


rachel miller | messenger marketing | manychat conversations conference


Rachel Miller, Moolah Marketer

In 5 years, I see Facebook Messenger replacing email marketing. I also see that we will have multiple boxes, or folders for our Messenger chats, and the challenge to be relevant will remain.

Curt Maly | Black Box Social Media | Chatbots and Messenger Marketing

Curt Maly, Black Box Social Media

The new engagement method to dramatically transform the mobile experience. Much like Weibo in China. With Messenger we will order food, cars, reserve tables all easily with the touch of the button. The technology is already there but the adoption rate is about to sky rocket. The easier the user experience the faster adoption will take place.

arri bagah, roas | manychat conversations conference


Arri Bagah, ROAS

Messenger Marketing is fairly new and I know the Messenger team is working hard with their partners to build a platform that is great for both their partners and the end user. Once the end user knows the power that is at their finger tips, we’ll see Messenger Marketing explode. That’s when it will be easier for brands to see the direct ROI of Messenger and I truly believe it’ll happen in the next five years.

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