Does Your Business Need Messenger Marketing?

does your business need messenger marketing?

Messenger Marketing is a relatively new strategy in the marketing world, and many people are still skeptical of how effective it can be. 

If you’re trying to decide whether a Messenger bot is right for your business, don’t worry, we’ve got all the insights to help you understand the benefits Messenger Marketing brings to your business. 

Messenger bots are an effective marketing tactic that can save you time and money as you work to bring in new business. 

The Benefits of Messenger Marketing

Here’s one big plus for Messenger Marketing right out of the gate: Facebook Messenger is very popular — 7 billion conversations take place on Messenger every day! In fact, Facebook messages are opened much more often than emails, with a 30 to 40 percent click-through rate (4 to 10 times the overall email marketing average). 

Messenger Marketing is also cost-effective and easy to get off the ground. You don’t have to know anything about coding to build a chatbot; services like ManyChat make it simple to get started, offering a free plan and lots of helpful resources.

Like any marketing strategy, Messenger Marketing can take a little time to figure out the right persona, conversation, and tactic to drive and convert leads.

Keep in mind that a Messenger bot conversation is automated and can help answer common questions to a customer or prospective quicker than sending an email. 

While chatbots can do a lot to build customer trust and relationships, some questions and jobs do need a human touch, so you’ll have to monitor your marketing efforts. 

Messenger bots can be quite fun as you develop the conversation flow adding in your style and creating a bot personality. 

In addition, many ManyChat users have discovered much higher open rates, subscribers, and increased ROI: 

Is Messenger Marketing Right For You?

To determine if Messenger Marketing is for you, first think about the demographics of your target audience. With 2.5 billion people on mobile messaging apps, according to eMarketer, going onto Facebook Messenger gives you the opportunity to connect with a wide audience. Another big benefit of Facebook is that its users are spread all over the globe, so you can target people from any country.

Keep in mind that Messenger Marketing works for both local and worldwide businesses; you can use a Messenger bot to get local customers into your hometown restaurant or use the platform to make international sales on your e-commerce website. Whatever type of business you have — whether online or brick-and-mortar — Messenger Marketing works because it engages customers in an initial conversation and then keeps them interested.

If you’re a small business or marketer who’s just started consulting, Messenger Marketing can be hugely beneficial. Remember, it’s low-cost and not that complicated, so starting with a chatbot can help a fledgling business get started with a marketing plan.

Larger businesses that have been around for a while may already have a solid marketing strategy in place, and Messenger Marketing is an easy element to add to your strategy. Chatbot marketing is highly effective — Messenger Marketing has an engagement rate that’s up to 80 times higher than email marketing. And since only one percent of businesses are using Messenger chatbots, this is a place where you can use your marketing know-how to get ahead of the competition.

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