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Over 1,000,000 businesses use Manychat to engage their customers on Messenger, IG Direct, WhatsApp and other channels. Help your audience grow their businesses and earn commissions while you do.

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Industry leading tool

We're a hyper-growth business pioneering the Chat Marketing space. As our affiliate, you'll be first-to-market with the best technology out there. That means more commissions for you and more value for your audience.

200% comissions

Once your affiliates upgrade to Pro, you will earn the full cost of their 2nd and 3rd month subscription. That’s a minimum of $30, with no upper limit.

How it works

Step 1.

Complete the application form via Impact platform.

Step 2.

Add affiliate banners and links to your website or blog.

Step 3.

Get compensated once your referrals pay the 2nd and 3rd month subscription.


What is the Manychat Affiliate Program?

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How much are commissions?

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What is the difference between Affiliate & Agency?

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