Melissa Zoske

I'm a Wealth and Energy Alignment Expert, specializing in clearing subconscious blocks in people, allowing them to align to their natural abundant state. I'm the owner of and creator of The Zoske Method. My background includes extensive certifications and training in many quantum-field energy techniques, including The Healing Codes, EFT, The Emotion Code, The Law of Attraction, kinesiology and more. This combination, paired with my own approach, has allowed me to develop my own distinct signature energy healing formula. I've worked with hundreds of women and men around the world, many entrepreneurs, helping them achieve a life of success, health and happiness. I've had the pleasure of being a contributing motivational speaker for (Simple Reminders Network) I also have the honor of being a published writer for (Simple Reminders Network) I was featured speaker for The Success Journey Summit, as well as a guest writer for blog and Celebration U. It's my passion and pleasure to help men and women find their true wealth in life.