Zief's inspiration to create handcrafted nautical jewellery arose in the beautiful city of Nelson, New Zealand. Hanging out with friends at the beach on a hot summers day, going out for a picnic with the family, or going on a spontaneous adventure with your Mrs/ Mr. These little moments spent with loved ones are what truly define our brand. We want to make love touchable for friends, family and people close to us with our beautifully handcrafted pieces. The perfectly crafted nylon bracelets are joint with a stainless steel charm representing an anchor. The anchor charm symbolizes strength, stability, and someone special who holds you in place through thick and thin. Zief is passionate about providing more than just a bracelet. Each bracelet has its own personal meaning and each will go on a journey to create its own story. Grab your fun, beautiful, elegant and stylish bracelet today and spread your love. Perfect for gifts, special occasions, or simply to top off your outfit! http://www.zief.co.nz/blogs/zief-news