Zero Dry Time - Washington and East Durham

Refresh your home and living space with our cleaning solutions for you and your family. Zero Dry Time can transform your carpets and our business is built on achieving results. Your carpets can be clean and odour-free without waiting for them to dry. We guarantee: 1) Carpets ready for immediate use 2) Carpet life extended 3) Reduces indoor allergens 4) Safe for babies, pets and allergy sufferers 5) Spots and stains will not return Our products will sanitise your home, making it clean, fresh and odour free. We promise that our solutions are safe for your pet and your family. We guarantee no smell or shrinkage and a no fuss clean we think you’ll agree is the best ever. In addition, Zero Dry Time can revive and rejuvenate all of your home's soft furnishings, leather and upholstery. Over time, fabrics can dull in appearance, which isn’t a great look. Our professional cleaning products can save you the cost of replacing items with no fuss and no waiting time. We provide: 1) Safe, green, organic cleaning for all your fabric needs 2) Low moisture, deep-cleaning solutions for all your upholstery The extremely fast-drying product gives a fresh, new appearance to all types of upholstery and soft furnishing fabrics. This includes: a) Dralon, velvet and cotton/raw cotton b) Jacquard, weave and tapestries c) Brocades, silk and even leather Our unique system cleaning agent is only 10% moisture, enabling upholstery to retain its shape and be used almost immediately. Cost-effective cleaning means expensive re-upholstering can be postponed for years. Our professional cleaning results are consistent and effective – our product is versatile and works every time. Zero Dry Time also offers a deep clean which will treat slippery, hard floors. We have an invisible anti-slip system which can be applied to quarry, ceramic and porcelain tiles as well as bath tubs and shower trays. We will make your home or workplace a safer environment. Our product can help to prevent slips on all wet floors: 1) Shower units, kitchens and bathrooms 2) Conservatories, hot tubs and Jacuzzis 3) Offices, shops and lobbies Why dry cleaning is better than wet: Our Zero Dry Time system has been developed over 50 years Carpets and furniture ready to use straight away Our results are always excellent Our results are always consistent (unlike wet) Carpets stay cleaner for longer No detergent No residue Organic products - healthy for all the family We have 40 Zero Dry Time operatives covering nationwide. We are open for business Mon - Fri 8am till 5pm and Sat 8am - 1pm. Booking in advance is strongly recommended! We also operate an out of hours Emergency Call Out system. We recommend you call us to ensure you get the best price available as we have regular seasonal and occasional special offers available.