Young Finances

I graduated into the Great Recession and couldn’t find a job, so I created my own. The first time I went to college I decided to graduate with a Spanish degree. Then I bounced around in retail jobs for a year or two. I never wanted a cubicle job, but now it was all I desired. So I made the tough decision to go back to college for a “traditional” degree. I gave myself 3 choices; accounting, engineering, and finance. Accounting was too boring. Engineering was way over my head. Finance was just right. I had no idea that the country would enter the greatest recession since the Great Depression by the time I graduated. I moved in with my parents and suddenly, I found myself working retail, again. How had this happened? By this time, I had two degrees but still, no way to fully support myself. One day, I was walking in the hallway to the kitchen when I overheard my mom on the phone with a relative. “Tisha has two degrees, but I don’t know what she’s doing with them,” she said. I was crushed. But that moment fueled my passion. I immediately started a blog. I called it Young Finances and I started sharing what my experience and my college degree had taught me about finance. I learned a lot along the way. Eventually, I secured a full time position with an investment consulting firm but I continued my passion. That small blog, inspired by passion and fueled by action grew from a side hustle into a full time business. I used the extra money I earned to pay off over $32,000 of consumer debt. I built my platform as a millennial finance expert, featured in Forbes, The Economist, Business Insider, MTV, and Essence to name a few. I’ve had the opportunity to partner with Fortune 500 companies helping them reach a millennial audience. And it all started because I couldn’t find a job. If you are goal-oriented and you are committed to taking action, then you can do it too. Ready to start earning more? Take the first step and get my free mini-course “Your First $500”