Young Finances

Why do I say #CreatingCoins? Is it just a cute way to say making money? And what does it mean to make money? 💰 Can you print it yourself? 💵 No, but you can think it into existence. 👀 Here's why... Money is an idea. 💭 WHOA TISH. 😳 WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH THIS? Let's think about this for a second. How do you earn income? You do it by creating value. You can create value for your employer and by extension the customers who buy from your employer. Then that money is transferred from the customer to the employer who transfers it to your bank account. 👌 You can create value directly to the customer. Then that money is transferred from the customer directly to your bank account. (Preferably in a passive income notification 😍) So how do you create value? By taking action. By taking action on what? A thought. An idea. A decision. All of those start in the mind and then translate into energy that translates into money. #mindblown So you mean if I have an idea... And I take action on that idea... And that idea has value that can be exchanged for money... I have just created money? Exactly. How do you get better at translating thought into money? Join us at for exact methods, step by step strategy guides, and full courses to help you earn more. Even better, download this guide and I'll show you how to turn an existing skill into an online business.