Young Entrepreneurs Society International

MISSION STATEMENT: The majority of people have been duped. They’re living a life they think they have to live. They're caught in a trap and are overworked, stressed; frustrated, unfulfilled and stuck in the modern system that's exploiting them instead of helping them reach their full potential. They have fallen victim to getting education they have been told they need to be placed in jobs society says they should want. Sadly, these same people lack real life skills to become self- made, self-reliant and recession proof in 2015. Our mission is to break this vicious cycle and wake up millions of young entrepreneurs to realize their fullest potential. Then to go a step beyond, to leverage this brave new world and create your own economy! Which will result in transitioning from being reliant on their current job or traditional way of "just making it by." To a life of freedom, abundance, self-reliance and complete control. They then can transcend past just success for self and create tremendous wealth and freedom for themselves, their family, community and those in need. It was built to empower entrepreneurs with the mentorship, training, resources and support needed to discover their unique talents, gifts and abilities to gain an unfair advantage on their journey to the Good Life. This truly is the New Rich Renaissance! Lock arms with us and see you at one of our events, seminars, retreats or online on YES Society social media. It's not just about the money... It's about the lifestyle, freedom and impact created! Join the new rich renaissance! The go to society for futuristic entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, profit and income. In the modern economy connecting and collaborating with like minded people is key. Who and what you know will determine your success or failure. (Psst... Don't go at it on your own, it's way easier with the right help). Be a part of our inner circle so you're always in the loop of new business trends, automation secrets and true lifestyle design. (Hint: only the new rich understand this stuff). Avoid years of mistakes and failure by learning from highly successful entrepreneurs who have already done the hard work for you. (Tip: It's much better to start at the top and work your way up, rather than struggle helplessly at the bottom by yourself).