「H. Spectrum青年翻轉培訓計畫」是一個跨界及超越自我的學習計畫,經由長達 6個月的培訓及實務學習,鍛煉團隊合作、創新創業精神、執行力及站上國際舞台的能力。 2016年8月,H. Spectrum舉辦TRANS從零到醫 跨域| 生醫| 創新論壇,連結亞洲的生醫創業生態圈! H. Spectrum Training Program: We want to give anyone under 35 the opportunity to participate in our training program to learn from leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and experts in the healthcare industry. TRANS the H. Spectrum Conference: It is with this mindset that we want to provide a platform for healthcare startup founders and investors at our conference ´TRANS´ in 27.08 - 28.08.2016 to meet and connect in one of Asia’s industry hotspots.