Wynford Dore

Wynford Dore is a British businessman and entrepreneur who has developed multiple successful companies over the years. A devoted father of 4 and grandfather, Wynford’s keenest desires at this point in his life are to develop web-based software tools that can make a difference in the lives of others. Focusing particularly on Mums with children struggling in school, Dore’s groundbreaking program can help both adults and children, to develop or strengthen essential brain-based skills – concentration, working memory, motivation, processing speed, coordination, and visual-motor integration. Strongly driven by ongoing data collection and programmatic research, this company (Performance withZing Ltd) has now moved onto multiple web-based platforms and apps. He shares his life with his soul-mate Ninka Mauritson who also saved her son's life by her determination to find solutions for problems where others had failed. Together they have the same life purpose - to help people have lives that are wonderfully fulfilling. To learn more about Wynford's programs and get access to how you can your children as a parent, follow the link here: http://bit.ly/howtounleashyourchildshiddenpotential