Sanyou Lightings Technology

Before 2006,our boss Richard was still an employee in a company.One day he went off work,and prepared to have a date.The car’s headlight was HID and changed half year ago,when Richard drove the car,he found that the light had already not brightness as before.Because the night was dark earlier in the winter,it was already dark when Richard went off work.Richard drove just for a while,when he turned around, another car from opposite street and its headlight was bright,Richard couldn’t control and crashed the greenway.Richard was shocked but luckily he was fine.But he was unsatisfied with the HID headlight,just changed the headlight half year,the headlight had already not bright.Because Richard was interested in auto,and he had his mind to start an undertaking. After that he set up Sanyou Lighting Technology CO.,LTD,professional making auto LED lights,hope everyone can use safe,environmental protection and lasting LED auto lights. Until now,we always offer our best service to our customers and provide safe and high quality LED auto to our customers! Sanyou Lighting Technology CO.,LTD --Light Up Your Heart