Work at Home Geek

How did I start working at home? It was March 2015, my health, my relationships, my work, and myself are all messed up. I had no choice but to give up my job as a Technical Support for Google. It was the company I’ve loved so much but I left it. I’ve been sick and in pain, I had a lot of Erythema Nodosum on both of my feet. It is like I have lot of swollen bruises on my sole so I couldn’t walk. I needed to stay at home. It was a depressing moment. But God is Good, my family and my loved ones were there for me. I literally started from nothing. I got no money to buy a laptop and our house doesn’t have internet connection. With the help of my sister’s credit card, I bought a laptop. I told her that I will get a job and pay her in installment. Then, I’ve camped on my best friend’s house so that I have internet connection. I’ve went on several freelancing websites, set up my online profile on each of them, sent several applications and had a lot of interviews. Then, I finally got my first home-based job, an email support. The first salary I got, I spent it to set up the internet connection in our house and pay for the first month of my laptop’s bill. I’ve given 100% of my focus and I got promoted in just few weeks and had a full time job. I’ve became a manager of a Social Media Marketing Company. I’ve learned a lot of things during that time and enjoyed the freedom and comfort of working at home. Getting a good paying job is really nice. I was able to buy appliances and furniture and a lot more. But it was not that really easy, though I’m working at home and earning a lot, it’s not making me feel happy and accomplished. I need to follow the schedule of the COO and the tasks requires a lot of time (usually at night). It even get to a point that my body suffered again because I overworked and I’ve got Spinal Hemangioma. I guess my weak body has its own way of saying when I should stop doing things that are not making me happy. So now, I am freelancing. This is a better option for me because I can manage my own time. I want to pursue my passion. I want to fully know God and dedicate my life in loving God and loving people the best I could. All the physical pain I’ve endured thought me how it feels like to die, maybe that’s the reason why I value my time so much that I want to spend every second of it the way I want it. It’s been two years now since my heart and my life was broken. I’ve recovered. My best friend, who is now my fiance, and I are planning to be together for life and I am happy and I am pursuing my passion while working at home. I am a volunteer in Kid’s Church at Victory Fort and I’ve been freelancing. I’m a content writer, social media marketing specialist and a blogger. I manage my own time and I feel more alive.