White Shoes Co

- At White Shoes Co, all our sneakers are original and carefully sourced from Europe. (unless mentioned) - We offer range of sneakers from average to premium, don't be surprised to find a high end brand here. - We ship to the whole Malaysia within 10 working days (unless prior informed) - All products sold are non-refundable except if the product is found fake (which will never happen) -“白鞋控” 的鞋子都是我们从欧洲引入的正品。(除非另有通知) -我们提供广大的选择,包含普遍及高档牌子的商品。 -我们提供全马邮寄服务。10天内即可发货(除非提前通知) -售出的商品都无法退换,除非商品不是正货(这绝对不会发生)