We are a gang of backpackers and globetrotting wanderlusters that are tired of being cooped up inside and glued to our smartphones. You know, like we do, that technology can be amazing (did you see that new cat video where the cats were taking down toddlers? OMG! Amazing!) But let’s face it, you had more friends pre-Facebook and you’d prefer to spend some time outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Our mission is to inspire more people to get outside! We developed Chillbo in an effort to perfect the art of chilling, wherever you are. We wanted to create something that would be versatile enough for all the randomly awesome situations we find ourselves, yet compact and light enough to take into the backcountry. It’s perfect for Patagonia and it’s paradise in the pool. We hope you have as much fun with Chillbo as we've been having lately. Live more. Stress less. Get Cozy with your Chillbo product today!