Stacy Hartmann - Wealthy Minimalist

My mission is help the world's BEST coaches, consultants, and expert-preneurs significantly grow their businesses with blending their unique business energetic blueprint with the most innovative marketing and sales strategies. My influence mastery coaching and consulting services are tailored for high achievers, conscious leaders, and high vibe world changers. In the past few years, I have worked with transformational entrepreneurs privately, in group settings, and through innovative online academies I've created, like the Unlimited Business Academy. And people created mind-blowing breakthroughs and results >>> Left her dead end 6-figure corporate job and closed $84,000 in business in less than 6 months >>> Grew her consulting business to $500,000 in less than three years >>> Tripled her coaching rates from $400/mo to $1200/mo within 90 days of launching her coaching business >>> From networking for hours every week to selling over $10,000 in coaching packages on her very first 60 minute webinar >>> Consistently generating $20k/mo within 30 days of working with me leveraging the resources she already had So HOW do we do that? Well, you are unique and your needs and desires for your business are different than anyone else's so... The simple answer is… when we work together you get what you set out to accomplish and what you put the effort into creating. >> Want to double your sales conversions and and do sales in a way that feels really good YOU GOT IT! >> Want to develop and implement a strategic plan to start making consistent and sustainable income every single month DONE! >> Want to create your signature offer and top tier pricing so that it aligns with your big vision for success YOU GOT IT! >> Want to Master authentic client attraction with bold messaging and powerful niche clarity, so that when you share your business, people take action, show up and buy from you. LET'S DO IT ! >> Want to create a drool worthy webinar or online course that builds your list and turns you into the expert authority in your niche DONE! >> Want to scale your business from working 1:1 to working 1 to many without having to add more hours to your work week YES! >> Want to take action on powerful strategies that get your message in front of 1000’s of your ideal clients every week DONE! Bottom Line: It’s all about getting YOU RESULTS! How do you get into one of my programs? First of all, the investment is NOT an issue for the right person. They can see the big picture and opportunity for rewards that far exceed any investment. As for the investment for my most intensive programs - spoiler alert - they range from $6000-$20000. If you're a good fit for the program, you won't think twice about it knowing you can 10X your investment. And to get in… 1. You must have read this entire message (Congrats!) 2. Private message me above and in your message briefly include the following information: 1. Full Name 2, Direct Phone Number 3, Tell me why you want to be considered 4 ,Your business (who your clients are and how you provide value to them) 5, Your biggest goal for the next 12 months of your business 6. The steps you've already taken to accomplish your big goal 7. Also, be available to get on the phone with me for a 20 minute qualifying call in the next two business days This leaves us with one more question… What do you want to do?