Vivid Vertical Fitness

GIRLS GROW UP AND SO DO THEIR DANCE CLASSES Castle Hill’s favourite dance studio - for Women! We aim to have our students feeling fitter, gaining strength and confidence through our fun and unique range of Alternative Fitness classes. Including Pole Dance, KONGA, Recreational Dance Classes, Stretch, Strength and more! ______________________________________ Here’s what our clients have to say… “Before I started pole I had absolutely no upper body strength, no core strength, no flexibility, I had bad posture and did not hold myself with confidence or strength. I have always been introverted, and never thought I’d be able to progress in pole, but started to try something new and different. I saw a coupon for a 4 week trial, and thought what the hell why not give it a try! So I dragged a couple of friends along for a bit of a laugh. From that moment on I was hooked”. “I have poled for 2 years then had a year off to have my baby, I’ve been back 2 months and working towards getting back to my pre-baby level & strength. As a result of pole, I am now stronger, so much happier and confident in my skin & have a positive self image”. "Your body can stand anything, it’s your mind you need to convince. Just do it!” "If you love classes with lovely women to get fit, you'll love the classes at Pol-arise. No one is unable to start learning pole. Always persevere in learning new moves, cause you'll eventually get it and it is so rewarding when you do. You'll also have a cheer squad in the background supporting you when you do get it!” “Love you guys!” “You don't have to be a certain size or strength or ability to join. You don't have to be naturally graceful or good at dance. You just have to be willing to try”. ______________________________________ Create your own success story! Don’t wait to get started, we have FREE TRIALS of all our classes running regularly. PM our page to receive more information and GET BOOKED IN! Start now, start enjoying your fitness classes and be part of an amazing dance community.