Vita Canis

At Vita Canis you will find a range of 100% natural products for you and your dog. All formulas have been developed on the back of many years experience working with all types of dogs in our grooming salon and our kennels. We are passionate about developing natural products using minimal and all natural ingredients. Our orgonite pendants and space harmonisers help provide positive energy for the mind, body and spirit and our range of scented stones will help soothe your senses and aid relaxation All our Vita Canis natural products products are handmade by ourselves, from scratch, in small batches. Our handmade approach may not be the fastest production method but it means we are personally involved in every step of the process to ensure that each product leaves us mixed and blended to its exacting formulation and packaged for long lasting use. We are a British artisan manufacturer located in beautiful rural Staffordshire where we hand make and distribute all our products throughout the UK as well as flying the flag overseas.