Virtual Real Estate Investing

Virtual Real Estate Investing teaches entrepreneurs how to fix and flip houses and buy long term rental properties in markets all over the United States, and how to do it all from their computer, without leaving the comfort of their home. Virtual RE Investing teaches how to build REAL BUSINESSES in other markets, where you will hire people to be part of your team, your "boots on the ground". We ONLY teach how to invest in markets where the price points make sense as rental properties (usually less thank 100K purchase prices). We teach how to use honest, effective, and CHEAP marketing to build a network and add value to others, ultimately resulting in an abundance of resources (deals, private money, contractors, you name it) that will give you everything you want. All of this leads to our ultimate goal: to build a portfolio of rental properties that makes them passive income they can count on to support themselves and their families for the rest of their lives.