Urban Street Defense

Urban Defensive Combat is a Hybrid martial art that covers all combat range. It is a mixture of Western & Eastern Martial arts and the system is created for Street Defense purposes. Urban Defensive Combat can be taken up by both men and women who wants to be equipped with: 1) Preventive, Efficient & Explosive Street Defensive Combat Techniques 2) Mental alertness & body reflexes 3) Knowledge on Body Pressure Points 4) Western & Eastern Martial arts philosophies The philosophy of Urban Defensive Combat is "Uniting Forms, Breaking Barriers". It simply means, Uniting the strengths of different martial arts, breaking the barriers and limitation in the art of self-defense. The program provide the following benefits: 1. Foundation (Combat Movements, Posture, Reflexes, Combat & Forms) 2. Short Range Combat 3. Long Range Combat (How to use long range kicks and punches effectively with the combination of Close Quarter Range Mechanism) 4. Close Quarter & Sensitivity Combat 5. Grappling & Ground Combat 6. Weapon Defensive Combat 7. Deception skills & Practical Self-Defense Techniques 8. Stamina & Strength Training 9. Weight loss 10. Physical, Mental & Emotional Readiness We offer programs such as: 1) Corporate Self-Defense Short Course 2) Corporate Self-Defense Team Building Workshop 3) Weekly Classes for Public