Urbanessence Beauty and Wellness Center

Urbanessence Spa is a health and wellness spa offering high-quality services such as full-body massages, body polishes, specialized body and skin care treatments specially designed for clients who simply want to look good and feel good at very affordable rates! Urbanessence Spa is the realization of young entrepreneurs on their desire to provide an oasis for individuals who want to regain balance in their lives through expertly-crafted products and holistic treatments and therapies designed for the specific needs of an individual client and carried out by highly-trained and professional spa therapists. Urbanessense Spa is not just your ordinary spa as we incorporate healing methods in our treatments, focusing not only on aesthetic benefits, but also on therapeutic, detoxifying aspects. We, at Urbanessence Spa, look after our clients’ overall well-being by ensuring that their health and safety needs are met. We also have an absolute commitment in providing the best experience to our clients through a relaxing ambience that sets the mood for relaxation and through therapeutic touch that aims to calm the mind, body and soul, whether done in our spa or at the comforts of your own home!