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Join our Exclusive FB Group www.uital.com Up in the Air Life, Inc. is an upscale travel agency dedicated to social adventures. Fusing its vibrant online community and in-person group tours, Up in the Air Life is the go-to hub for world-class travelers in pursuit of unique vacations. From house music resort parties at the Mi Casa Festival in Mexico to island hopping across the coast of Croatia for Yacht Week, Up in the Air Life provides a variety of vacation options for working professionals, who enjoy traveling in groups and creating life-long friendships. What We Provide: We do everything to prepare you for your trip while keeping you engaged in the planning process. Flights. Hotels. Tours. You name it; we’ve got it covered. All you have to do is choose your destination and show up at the airport. We’ve got the rest. Add all of this to the benefit of connecting with other world-class travelers, and you’ll find that fun, networking, and vacationing can be one in the same.