Unlocking The Magic

What is this site all about? We use to think that anyone who went to Disney all the time was a little… different. Now, we are those people LOL. We go every year and have for that last 7 years. We love it and can’t get enough. Our family still counts down the days “till Disney” on our family white board. This podcast is a way of talking with and helping other families just like us who went to Disney World a few times but it wasn’t exactly the vacation we had dreamed of. We always end up saying “if we knew then what we know now than…’ well we do and now we want to make your next trip whether it’s your first or your 7th the best one yet! With this podcast and website we want it to be a way to bring Disney to you where ever you are in the world or at what ever planning point you are at in your trip. We’ll make videos, reviews of hotels and restaurants and give you honest advice to make your day and trip a little magical. Why Disney? For us we learned hands on that there really is magic to be unlocked with your family but only if you do Disney the right way. It started for us on our 3rd family trip when we where going through a difficult time and needed to take a break. We saved a little money and decided to give Disney a last trip that the kids would remember. We drove down (don’t ask) and it ended up being a life changing vacation that would shape our lives for the future that we could have never imagined. We still recall the moment during “The One Mans Dream” attraction where it goes over the difficult path Walt had to take in order to achieve his success and during that documentary, it completely changed the way we viewed Disney. After that, it wasn’t a place to go so you could get on the next big ride or attraction, it was a place to take the family to appreciate life and work hard to do what you love, not just do what you think you have to do or what makes you the most money. You always hear “life is too short” or “Do what you love and the money will follow” but sometimes its just not that easy. Now, we go back year after year. It has become a family tradition to go every November and most of the years we make it back 1 or 2 other times as well. So Disney has become a big part of our lives the past few years. We want to use what we have learned to make your Disney vacation much more then the best ride or shortest line, but about family togetherness and how truly anything is possible. What Next? We love doing podcasts. We do it for our business that we have at home. We love listening to them and enjoy many of the Disney podcasts that are out there. We want to bring you a little different perspective. Maybe from a gratitude prospective. We know that not everyone gets to go many times in there lives let alone in one year so we want to give back. In the form of helping make this and every trip you take the best one ever. Because if done right, You can unlock so much more than just the excitement you get from getting off space mountain (even though it’s way cool). Until next time…..