Ultra V Runner

|| UltraVrunner || Creating A New Era of Run, which can be completed in anytime, anywhere you want! PS: Mandarin users are welcome to subscribe our WeChat official acc (ultravrunner) 如果您是中文用户,我们非常欢迎您到我们特别为您开设的微信公众号关注我们:打开微信搜索ultravrunner,添加即可。 • Loves something different and cool. Award yourself a medal & more as a mark of achievement. • To make people run across the neighbourhood & finding little pleasure from the ordinary living area. • Run with your own way and own path, be the one who rules yourself. • Explore the world, go to the wood, be part of the nature, makes life even more meaningful. \HOW VIRTUAL RUN WORKS The concept is simple. Just choose one of our races, pay a small amount of entry fee, then complete the race between the time given. This could be done during a training run, on a treadmill, as part of a running group or just as a personal challenge. Make sure you record your distance on a running app or watch, then return to the website and submit your evidence to us. Your medal and etc. will then be sent to you before 10th of month. Lastly, hope our races are able to motivate you encourage you to get active and have fun! Step 1 SIGN UP FOR A RACE Sign up to the race you fancy and put one step off the new world of running! After sign up, you will be automatically be our member with exclusive deals will be awaiting you. Step 2 ENJOY RUNNING IN YOUR OWN TIME AND WAYS During the event period, remember to record down your results using a running app or capture your result on treadmill or Garmin watch. You can begin the race at anytime, anywhere, without any limits. You can run around your living area, on a treadmill, while travelling or exploring the world. You can run by your own or even with a group of running buddies or belonged pets – essentially you can compete anywhere in the world where you can enjoy every of your pace without worrying about the speed. This is a race that allowing lots of flexibility to complete your challenge. Step 3 SUBMIT YOUR RESULT Come back to us with your results. Just send your results over via our website www.ultravrunner.com. As long as we can see you have completed the challenge the medal and T-shirt will be send to you. Step 4 WAITING YOUR REWARDS TO BE ARRIVE We will sending out medal directly to you, please check your email and find out the tracking number and also the shipment details.