Ultra Bright Lightz

Ultra-Bright Lightz has been providing durable, dependable emergency lights that have been used by first responders around the US for over a decade. We have thousands of items in stock ready to be shipped now! We offer fast turn-around on all our orders to ensure you get the quality lighting that you need. We have far exceeded our expected growth by leaps and bounds because of our commitment to providing the best in quality products and the best in quality customer services. Our founder started the business as a frustrated volunteer firefighter in his garage. He felt that there was a better way to build emergency lighting that would give better results and an affordable price point. He couldn’t have been more right. We have been providing better options for over a decade! While the process has evolved over the years and we are now in a 6000-square foot plus facility our core values are still very much the same. Building better lighting options for fewer costs to provide a real value to the people that serve our communities is what drives us. We still offer the best customer care and we are committed to always doing so. We appreciate every one of our clients and make sure that they know it by providing superior customer service. Ultra-Bright Lightz has the lighting solutions you need for your emergency vehicles. Save money without ever sacrificing quality at Ultra Bright Lightz!