Welcome to the world of Tyremart Tyres and Accessories, the only franchise operation in the South African tyre and parts fitment sector that is owned by Franchisees for Franchisees. Tyremart was born of the need for a franchise dispensation that would operate in the interests of its Franchisees rather than for the benefit of another party, as is the case with the other well-known tyre and fitment franchises that currently operate in South Africa. Tyremart is not owned, controlled or even directly influenced by any particular tyre manufacturer or supplier, although it has concluded preferential supply and service level arrangements with various top-branded tyre and product manufacturers which operate for the mutual benefit of the parties involved. By virtue of these strategic and preferential supply alliances, Tyremart offers to the motoring public something unique; it offers choice! Smart choice influenced by both the customers' needs and preferences and not by the dictates of a controlling shareholder. In offering the best possible solution to its customer, Tyremart Franchisees commit to the highest standards of performance, from a pleasant environment, to the very best in customer service and technical delivery.