Treasured Memories by Gwen

{ ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER } A photo is not just a piece of paper... it is a memory.... That is the biggest reason why I do what I do… to captures all those little treasured memories so you can keep them forever.... It feels like I have been taking photos all of my life…. However it was not until March 2012 that I decided to focus my love of photography to newborns…. Since then I have had the pleasure of photographing over 70 newborns and their families. I have attended photography courses/workshops, completed specialized newborn safety and posing workshops and get my camera out as much as possible!!!!!... I am a wife and mother of two amazing children… Sebastian 7 and Sierra 6… who are my life and my muse…. I am sure you will get to know them by face if you are following Treasured Memories….. Thank you again for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you and your family…… { Making Memories…. } My goal goes beyond simply taking a picture, to creating beautiful artwork for your home, and timeless heirlooms for your family, that you will cherish forever! These sessions are so much more than the "canned" session you get in a run of the mill retail studio shoot, where the person pushing the button is more of a sales person then photographer. My sessions are customized specifically for my clients to reflect their real personalities, likes, and interests. { WHY HIRE A PROFESSIONAL NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER? } - Because your baby is unique… - Because you want portraits that capture your little one just as they were the first time you saw their beautiful little face - Because you have fallen in love like never before - Because you want to remember every little detail from their long lashes, down to their curly toes… - You want to remember how perfectly they nestled into your neck and the emotion you felt holding them close. - That’s why parents like you choose to have their baby captured by Treasured Memories Photography!