Transformation Coach

I offer a range of very successful online programs. If you would like to gain muscle and shred fat I have the perfect plan for you. All my programs come complete with 24/7 support. I will coach you through whichever program you decide on, help you set your goals and explain how we hit them. I will personally guide you through daily, weekly and monthly strategies. The more you communicate with me, the better shape I can get you in. Understanding who you are and your daily commitments helps me to implement an effective plan. As an Advanced Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia, Max has a vast first-hand experience in the fitness industry. Over 27 years of professional development, he is a kettlebell specialist, International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) member and Level 2 National Girevoy Sports instructor with International Kettlebell and Strength Training Academy (IUKL). Max has completed rehab trainer course 1-4 and Effective Movement Training (E.M.T.) PT Academy. He's expertise includes Power Training, Youth Training, Functional Program Design, Core Strength Development, Non-Traditional Strength Training, Flexibility Training, Advanced Strength Training and Assessments with the Performance Training Institute. Fitness First N.S.W/A.C.T Personal Trainer of 2011/12