TransferGalaxy is an instant, cash-free online mobile money transfer service, that enables customers to send money to loved ones from a smartphone, tablet or computer. The recipients receive the money to their mobile wallets instantly and to much better rates. We have developed a fully digital, cashless solution in an traditional segment. The money transfer companies today make their customers dependent on an agency where you have to bring money in cash and always adapt to the offices opening hours, as well as the fees are unproportionally high. We saw the need of a new innovative online mobile transfer system that enables and provides their customers with improved safety, availability and online customer service 24/7. We created TransferGalaxy that offers you greater convenience, very low fees compared to traditional money transfer companies that also often require their customers to visit a money transfer agent to send money abroad. TransferGalaxy reaches remote areas and enables you to send money when you want to and from where you are at the moment.