Tony Ferguson Weightloss South Africa

The Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program is a simple and effective way of getting to your ideal weight. It's built on core principles that see you enjoying success from the start. Developed by a Pharmacist and Nutritionist, the Program is based on sound nutritional science and is often recommended by doctors. Over 35 000 South Africans have experienced the benefits of the Program. There's no kilojoule counting or worrying about complicated meals. Just replace two meals a day with our tasty Shakes, Munch Bars or Granola along with a variety of snacks. For your third meal of the day enjoy a nutritious protein based meal of your choice or enjoy any meal from our Cook Books. Enjoying lots of variety in your diet is one of the keys to your success - that's why we offer 5 tasty Shakes, four different flavoured Munch Bars and 2 different flavoured Granolas. There's a huge variety of protein- based meals for you to choose from either online or in our Tony Ferguson Cook Books including Lemon & Garlic Lamb Rack and Creamy Coconut Curry. In addition there's plenty to snack on such as vegetables and Tony Ferguson Diet Jelly (which are unlimited on the Program) or our delicious new treats, Tony Ferguson Diet Desserts and a wide range of recommended controlled-carb fruits. In fact, you can enjoy tasty and nutritious food all day long. There's a great deal of evidence that a high level of support greatly increases your success. So we make sure that you get all the support you need. At participating Dis-Chem Pharmacies, your Practitioner is available whenever needed for weigh-ins and waist measurements as well as to discuss any of your concerns so you never have to do it alone. There's also friendly advice, tips and recipe ideas available at our Call Centre ( 080 SLIMMER / 080 754 6637) or online at .