Todd Polke

Todd Polke specialises in helping Investors and business owners build strategic and profitable investment portfolios to grow their wealth faster and create more freedom in their lives. As an educator at heart, his speaking and trainings have helped empower tens of thousands of people across Australia and internationally over the last 15 years to take control of their financial lives. His passion for what he does, alongside his experience and results with his clients have seen him become a sought after authority in national media for his expertise and commentary. Todd’s work with investors on a personal level have resulted in them securing over $1billion in investment opportunities to date. All of this means more people being able to live life with more freedom and more choices to do what they love. With a background in property investing, shares, business, metals, cryptocurrencies and more Todd has been the go-to mentor for investors who want to level-up the money game they are playing and see measurable and accelerated progress on their journeys to freedom in life